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Maximum Ride, Vol. 1 by James Patterson
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Jan 02, 10

it was amazing
bookshelves: 5-star, funny, the-in-between-zone

** spoiler alert ** This book should have earned at least 6 stars, considering how much time was spent drawing. But, somewhere in the book it got sort of, um, cheesy.

Six kids (well, mutated kids with 2% avian DNA) live in a house on some desolated cliff in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, one of them has the bright idea to go pick strawberries. :) Yum. Then, evil people (well, mutated people with some sort of dog/ even more dog DNA and green hair on their forearms (where'd that come from?) called Erasers) capture the youngest one, Angel, and take her to a place called the School (how inventive) in California.
So, the remaining 5 decide to split and 3 go after Angel while 2 stay at home, dropping bombs, putting nails and oil on roads, etc, until they have to fly away.
Meanwhile, the oldest of the six, who happens to be part of the 3 actually rescuing Angel (Max) sees a girl being bullied/ almost beaten up really bad. Soooooo, Max goes to help the girl and ends up being shot by one of the bully/ gang members. She goes to the house of the girl who was being bullied and gets her arm fixed up by the girl's mom, a veterinary surgeon. Max finds out she has a microchip in her forearm, which explains why the Erasers found her and the other kids on the desolated cliff in the middle of nowhere.
Eventually, all of 5 meet up. They are promptly captured by Erasers (cheesy alert! cheesy alert!)and stuck in the School.
Max finds out she's supposed to save the world.

Really good drawing, partially cheesy/ entertaining story.

Max - I thought she had brown hair??? This topic is WAY to controversial.

Fang - Long hair, yes, but THAT LONG??? CHEESY CHEESY. And he doesn't look hot. At all. I would rather just use my imagination on him. Since when did Fang begin looking sorta Asian???

Iggy - He looks like he shops for t-shirts in some horrible women's fashion outlet. That wide of shirt top is NOT NORMAL.

Nudge - I simply can't find anything wrong with her character.

Gazzy - He looks so innocent. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Angel - She's so cute! Too bad she's only featured picking strawberries and being tortured/ kept in cages.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh.
I finished the whole thing in 20 mins!!!

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Laura I know Iggy's hot, but the shirts don't look good on him! D:

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