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Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton
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Jan 01, 10

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Read in January, 2010

Some Scientology terminology for the lay reader:

What Earth used to be called, 75 million years ago.

Thetans, e-meters, endgrams:
Yes, it does sound like a SF novel...

Auditing and the Bridge to Total Freedom:
Once you reach and join OTIII "you are in a members' only club where you are going all the way with Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma bomber)."

Operating Thetan VII:
Once Tom reached this exalted level it meant that several times a day he clutched his E-meter and scoured his body in search of dead spirits (endgrams). Um, really.

Seriously. I took this book to work and read passages aloud from the utter disbelief of it all. But, the amount of info provided to readers about Scientology is worth having to read a book about Tom Cruise (who, BTW, is a bit of a WIERDO).

But, then, maybe you got that feeling already? Ahem.

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message 1: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Mundi Saying TC is a bit of a weirdo is a bit of an understatement, surely. There was a video of him doing the rounds a while back of him doing the scientology spiel. He is A LOT of a weirdo, for sure.

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim Love this review!

I spend most of my GR review-reading time on 4- and 5-star praise of books that I (typically) don't know much about. This practice has produced a TBR list that is over 700 and counting. I am not complaining about that!

But I also love reading reviews like this one as cautionary tales. They give me the feeling that I have read the book, without needing to...

Mind you, I also have sympathy for the poor person who actually did read the book, and took the time to write a splendid review of it!

So Thanks, and please accept tea and sympathy from me. Great job!

Elizabeth Thanks, Jim! I read this book at a patron's (earnest) behest and snort each time I hear "Scientology" or "Tom Cruise." My library co-workers hold their breath each time the book comes across the circ desk in fear I will grab it and start in on my "facts I learned from this book" or "time for a reading." Cheers, ec

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Hahaha, that's great! Gotta watch out for those patrons, that's what I think..

I can picture the scene with your co-workers at the awkward moment. Maybe you can just keep an E-meter handy and scan the book (or patron). While keeping the snorting to a minimum, I would think..

By the way, I will go to some lengths to avoid his movies... No offense to his legion of fans. Cheers, Jim

Elizabeth You just made me laugh out loud! I am going to fashion an E-meter ASAP. I avoid his movies, too. It is too difficult to follow the plot b/c the whole time all I am thinking is "There's Tom Cruise, the Scientologist" or "I wonder if any endgrams are on his person at the moment."

In the end, way too distracting. Though I did appreciate this cameo:

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim Now I am feeling all guilty for being a distraction!! Not good for business.. So sorry!

The cameo is too funny for words. That one goes on the adult-rated playlist for sure! The only thing that might top it is a reality-show vid of him scouring his own body for endgrams. With the ultimate in diamond-studded, gold-engraved E-meters...

Ya think?

message 7: by Maxim (new)

Maxim weirdo or not, keep 'em movies coming. "edge of tomorrow" and then some were a lot of fun.

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