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Guess Can Gallop by Heidi Lynn Staples
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Jan 01, 2010

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Read in May, 2010

I am confused. I love the idea of Guess Can Gallop. It is innovative, it is creative, interesting. However, I feel like this book broke my brain. Staples writes the poems in the books with spellings that sort of break the words into their pieces and puts them together. An example: instead of saying "science" she would say somethign like "sigh ends." They are two words that are actual words, spelled correctly that when put together, sort of sound like "science." I really like this, but I was having such a hard time figuring out all the words in the poem, I was kind of missing the poem. I concluded the only way for me to really understand the poems would be to figure out all the words, transcribe it somewhere with the proper spelling and then read it. Another problem I had was seeing a word and not knowing if it was one of the regular words, or one of the cobbled words. I was always trying to see if a word was connected to the one next to it to form another word.

I think I would love this if it was just a few poems, but the whole book makes me feel like I am un-learning how to read. I feel pretty mixed up. I think I may have to go back and read only one poem a week.
I kind of think the problem is on my side, not Staples's.

My favorites: I can't find any of these poems online

Heidi You Orange (The poet replaces her name instead of "Orange") in a sort of definition of orange, and types of oranges.

Witch One is Witch From a Lynching

A Simple Leer Act Poem

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