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Fire by Kristin Cashore
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** spoiler alert ** I was pleasantly surprised that Fire was a lot better than Graceling. The whole monster thing was interesting. I think it made Cashore better at writing setting since the monster animals were always around in some shape (whether it just be their fur and shells for decoration). Teens having sex and getting pregnant at sixteen --interesting. Not saying it doesn't happen, just the casual nature that it occurs in this book was interesting. I think Cashore pushes the envelope a bit here. That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I personally don't think that the whole Leck situation was really explained. Why didn't Fire stop him from taking the throne? What happens to her? Seems like she never would have allowed it. I remember from Graceling that Leck came into the kingdom as a child (he was child in this book) so how did ultimately become king? It would have needed to happen shortly after the war. I don't know. It has been a while since I read Graceling so maybe I'm forgetting something. A part of me just thinks Cashore didn't do a good job linking Fire and Graceling together. I guess that is why it is called a "companion novel". Still found it a bit irritating.

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