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The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
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Dec 31, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: action-thriller
Read in December, 2009

Good book. I was very wary coming in, but for this genre, the profanity and sex was low. But there is definitely profanity if you're thinking of reading this.

The action is fun and for the most part the characters are interesting. The main antagonist, very different than the movie, is a little unbelievable--even in an action book full of unbelievable sequences--in that one individual sets up a network so extensive and pervasive with no government involvement and without anyone knowing him. And did I miss something, or was the exact reason Bourne got on the boat at the beginning where he gets shot and loses his memory (not giving anything away you don't get ion the 1st 2 pages) never revealed? That seems important.

Anyway, the plot is fun, but I think I like the movie better. The movie is only very, very loosely framed on the book with some of the general characteristics of the government's involvement and Bourne's program, but the "bad guys" seemed more interesting and real.
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Becky We just read this for our book club and I totally agree with your comments on this book. The book was a bit too confusing for me and truly I like the movie better. I found myself asking "now WHICH government agency and government official are we talking about now"?? On the other hand some of the action sequences and plot twists in the book are pretty fun (like trying to get out of the bank in Zurich) and definitely more involved than the movie. I did not like the whole love story with Marie in the book- it was so unbelievable to me. I don't know, I don't think any woman could ever fall in love with a man, no matter how heroic he turns out to be, who initially was hurting her and who she was calling "An Animal". Anyway, I like how it happened in the movie better. Like you, I never really caught why he was on the boat in the first place either.

Patrick Stockholm Syndrome? =)

I don't think that's what he was going for, but I guess I was sorta OK with the love angle. We're dealing with people with completely different psychologies than our average, settle-down, Mormonness. Maybe an extremely intellectual--as in apparently world-class level economist--curious, adventurous, slightly lonely woman who couldn't help being highly analytical of Bourne's behavior even while under duress would be intrigued enough by his inconsistencies and vulnerability to get to know him better?

Anyway, I don't think you'd like the 2nd one.

Becky True . . . I need to think of it from a completely different perspective than my own . . .

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