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Winter Wheat by Mildred Walker
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May 05, 12

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I really tried to enjoy this book. One thing would have made it better for me - take out Helen, the main character. Sure, she had a difficult and tragic life, especially during this picture we get of her, but I couldn't stand all the whining.

Plus, she blamed most of the bad things that happened to her on her parents. "If my parents were just nice to each other I would still have Gil. If my parents were just nice to each other I could enjoy being at home. If my parents had grown more wheat I could be at school right now and not at this lonely teacherage. If my parents had mortgaged something I would be at school." Get over it!!! I deeply wanted her to appreciate and love them for who they are, but she only does that towards the very end (and then even forgets for a bit, and then oh yah, they are good people again).

By taking out Helen, you have a beautiful picture of true love through her parents. Not some everything-always-has-to-be-hearts-and-flowers-or-we're-done love, but sticking together through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, through good times and bad. They lived a difficult life, but took care of each other. For that, I give this book 3 stars instead of 2.

Unfortunately, Helen couldn't see that. She couldn't even see how shallow her relationship with Gil was, knowing there were things she couldn't tell him or share with him because he wouldn't be able to understand.

Maybe I'll try this again someday and enjoy it more, but this time around, I found myself internally screaming at Helen way too many times.

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