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Hunting Julian by Jacquelyn Frank
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Jan 20, 10

I wasn't quite sure what to expect heading into this one...a very different premise, but intriguing.

As others have said, in this book there are different planes of existence around Earth...three above and three below. Travel between them is very risky to all involved, but when one level - Beneath - finds itself on the verge of extinction, a select man is sent to earth to harvest what his people needs to survive. His race exists on emotional energy, and without it his people are starving. While usually Julian can collect from a being only once without hurting them (which Julian does not), there are a special chosen few who are such a source of energy that they can donate over and over. These women are given the choice of going to Julian's world, where they will be revered. One woman who makes that choice is Kenya. And all goes well until Kenya's sister, Asia, tries to find out what happened. Assuming Kenya was killed, Asia begins to hunt the man she believes responsible, and uses herself as bait.

When Asia finally makes her move on Julian, hoping to entice him into trying to kill her like Asia believes he did her sister, Julian is not what she expected. Of course, Asia is not like the others..she is Julian's Kindra, or mate. In finding his mate, Julian's days as a Gatherer are over. But when Asia discovers what Julian is, he has no choice but to take her to his world, against her will. Humans can never know what exists around them, or all would be destroyed. And when Julian does return home, he only has a matter of days to convince not only the powers that be, but Asia, that they are mates, or both will forfit their lives.

I liked the story set up, since it was unique and creative. The whole energy-thing was a bit out there, but still workable. I very much enjoyed Julian, as well. Even though some of his actions were questionable, he was trying to balance the survival of his people, his duty, Asia's safety and his own needs. I got that, and I liked him for it. My problem was with Asia. I just didn't like her. While Julian praises her "strength", to me she just came off as both childish and tempermental. You can cut her some slack with the whole taken against her will thing, but her constant need to be both dominant and the victim at the same time was off-putting. To say she ran hot-and-cold would be an understatement. The little bit we learned of her sister, Kenya, was much more appealing than Asia. Even at the end, the happily ever after, she was still somewhat unpleasant, and that is a shame. Asia's character dropped it from 4 stars to 3 stars for me, but I do have high hopes for the next one.
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Gardavson Amen. Asia killed this one for me. If it weren't for her, it would have been a much better book. Can anyone say "Kelly"?

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