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Death Masks by Jim Butcher
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Very good! Lots of exciting and sometimes frantic adventure balanced by explorations of morality when living in the gray areas. These guys are all vigilantes, unable to rely on conventional authorities to take care of the problems they face. So where does their authority come from and what are the rules, what lines should be drawn? I always think that that the best fantasy and sci-fi wrestles with deeper themes while still delivering Ride of the Valkeries style entertainment (another reference from the book).

Plus the humor was strong in this one, and the emotional stories were stronger than ever. Harry continues to grow up and be even more of a hero because of it. From major scene like confrontations with Susan, to several brief interactions with Michael's kids, we saw a more mature ability to love and respect from our boy. I also like that the cast of characters has grown to a point that makes the world feel more real and vital. For example, Ebeneezer calling to tell Harry the outcome of their old Comet Dresden project, it was both amusing and satisfying, and helped widen the scope of the story beyond Harry fighting a war from his basement or just running around Chicago alone.
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04/18/2010 page 31
7.18% "The return of Marcone! I'd almost forgotten about him. Always thought he was way too unsurprised about the magical stuff."
04/18/2010 page 132
30.56% "Chuckling at the image of Harry sneaking around a small yacht cabin - not a good fit for the tall, gangly types :)"
04/18/2010 page 167
38.66% "He has a good comedic flare. The stuff with Michael's kids made me LOL. "There's already a Harry. You can be Bill," said Princess A." 1 comment
04/18/2010 page 260
60.19% "Mail order record (CD?) clubs, I'd forgotten about them. So pre-iTunes. But poor Harry can't use a computer. Or Goodreads!" 3 comments

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