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The Wild Things by Dave Eggers
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Dec 30, 2009

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Yeah, the movie version of this novel -- with screen play co-written by this author and movie director Spike Jones -- is my favorite movie of 2010. Meanwhile, the book diverges somewhat from the script which diverges still from the original by Sendak (which really needs no introduction.) Are these adaptations better than the original? (Oh come on now, really? Are you really asking that?) But, both the movie and the book add dimension, modernize, fill in back story and generally extend Sendak's original - which was what, 30 pages long? So yeah, there's more there here.

This book adds to my appreciation of the movie more than it exemplifies Egger's best work. Now it's by no means a bad piece, fantastic even. But the novelty of Egger's retelling is probably best illustrated by director Spike Jones. This book is more like the cream in your coffee. It's not the coffee but it definitely adds, definitely. My recomendation, read this book if you are a *big* fan of the original works by Sendak, or Eggers -- conversely, IMHO the movie version is Spike Jones's best within his filmography. The Spike/Eggers on Sendak is definitely a winning combination. But, back to the book, if you're fishing for a read, maybe you have other things on your list. However, if you can find a copy of the fur-covered edition, literally fur-covered, then you get novelty along with novelty, and that make for the beginnings of some kinda serious, wild rumpus.

3.5 stars.

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