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Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh
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Archangel's Consort was far from perfect with it's superfluous sex scenes and slow build up to an uncertain and frankly lack lustre ending. It pains me to say all of that because Nalini Singh is one of my favourite authors with her Psy-Changeling books being my favourite paranormal romance series. My disloyalty is blasphemous but it needs to be said.

The numerous sex scenes led to boredom and skimming, not because they weren't hot, they were, there were just too damn many of them. Especially if you include all the lustful admiration/adoration Elena and Raphael do of each other. It felt like filler and it screwed up the pacing, slowed everything down. I needed more action. I mean, of course, there was death and distruction and political manoeuvring (this is a Nalini Singh book we're talking about here after all!) but it wasn't exciting enough to suck me completely out of reality and into this angel-dominated world.

This is unusual. Singh is usually the master at balancing plot, kick-ass action and romance with a good sense of pace. But not this time it seems. I had a fantastic time reading Angels' Blood but I experienced similar problems with Archangel's Kiss. The slow build had us waiting...and waiting...and waiting for Raphael's mother to awaken to show us whether she was 'batshit crazy' or not. 'Kiss' had us anticipating the confrontation with Lijuan. I am not a patient woman. I have trouble waiting for the kettle to boil for my morning cuppa tea. That we were left as uncertain about Raphael's mother at the end as we were in the beginning didn't help matters.

I believe also that the romance element in this series isn't as appealing to me as it should be. Elena and Raphael are both very alpha, dominant characters and their relationship is a difficult one, even without the emotional scars they both have. Together, they're learning to compromise, trust each other with their secrets and are generally growing into their relationship. This is good. However, sometimes they feel very un-relateable when they become aloof and formal with one another. Even in private. I understand a working and personal relationship is being attempted but it's not working for me.

After complaining about what I didn't like it's time for what I did:

The cover is absolutely gorgeous!

I now know how angels dance and it was breath taking, death defying and if I should ever take part in this activity I'd probably suffer a heart attack! It brings a whole new meaning to "mile high club". ;)

We get to see a little more of the intriguing Seven: Aodhan (we'll be seeing more of him in future, yay!), Illium, Jason, Dmitri and Venom, in particular. All of the Seven are mysterious, with a few tortured souls I want to comfort and kiss it all better. The introduction of Illium's mother, the Hummingbird is cloaked in mystery. So many questions and no place to start...

The character development is amazing with their distinct personalities and realistic dialogue. Evelyn's innocence captured my heart when she divulged her pent-up feelings to Elena. So sweet. Actually, Elena around any child is a heart-melting experience.

Singh explores the fact that immortality though highly sought after, isn't always everything it's cracked up to be. Some would give it up in a heartbeat if they could. It would be interesting to see a conversation between Beth and Jason on this subject.

And finally, Janvier and Ashwini. Honey, eh? Wink, wink. Details, please?! I need details. Ever since I read their short story, Angels' Pawn I've been eager for a follow-up. We only get a sneak peek at them in this but it was Juicy.

Tepid. Okay. Unenthusiastic. Halfhearted. Harsh words, well to me and any other fan but this was my overall reaction upon finishing Archangel's Consort. This makes me sad because I know Singh can do better. A little more action earlier on, a little less romance, gushing and sex, and a faster pace would've done wonders for this.

The Kiss of Snow excerpt at the end however...GIVE. ME. MORE....NOW!
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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim I keep telling myself I should read these books soon.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} These have a very unique set-up to the majority of angel and vampire books out there.

I freaking love the angels in this series! The Seven (mix of 7 powerful angels and vamps) make me want to consider going down Anita Blake's route and have a harem of men at my beck and call because I'm intrigued by their mysteriousness and a little in love with them all. *shame*

Singh's men are all scorching hot. The Psy-Changeling mind has just gone x-rated. XXX-rated. *fans self*

One word: Hawke *squeals*

I'd seriously consider selling my body for an early copy of his book Kiss of Snow.

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim I've been thinking about reading those Psy-changeling books as well, a friend of mine liked the first one, but all those 'hot' scenes get old fast. =/

Nora Great review, Amy!

Kim, don't start with Nalini's angel books. I agree with everything what Amy wrote up there. Nice world, nice characters, but for some reason this story just does not grip me. I already ordered Archangel's consort and I will read it, but this review shows exactly what I am expecting.

Psy/Changeling is so much fun though! You should maybe not read them all in one go, since there is a lot of repetition, but one every once in awhile brings on only good moods.

I am SOOO looking forward to Hawke's story (and I am looking much more forwward to the arrival of Archangel's consort now knowing that there will be an excerpt ;).

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim What's so special about Hawke, everybody around here seems to be looking forward to him the most.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Thanks, Nora!

Kim, Hawke is...

The Acheron of this series (the one we've all been waiting for) but hopefully his book won't be as disappointing.

Alpha werewolf of the SnowDancer Pack.

Very dominant, aggressive, ruthless, intelligent and intense.

A tortured soul who believes he'll never have a mate because she died in childhood.

Conflicted over his need for someone who's only just come of age. (He's in his 30's)

The world-building in the Psy-Changeling series is excellent. The political structure is complex because we're on the edge of an impending political and cultural revolution. We watch many characters discover the ugly truth and try to figure out where they stand in the grand scheme of things and in the meantime struggle not to get caught in the crossfire as the different factions make their moves to either ally with each other or take out rival/enemy groups. See, it's not all romance and that's what I love about it. :D

message 7: by Kim (new)

Kim Ooooooh okay, now I understand ^^ (I love Acheron) and I agree, that book could have been so much better.

Hmmm, I'll look into it, you convinced me =)

message 8: by Regina (new)

Regina Great review. What you say about this book is actually how I felt about Archangel's Blood. I loved the pre-quel and was all set to love this series. But was seriously dissapionted that it was not a strong UF, the focus of the first book seemed to be on Elena and Raphael's physical admiration for each other and attraction. Everything else was secondary. I liked the world she created, I just would have preferred for the reverse -- romance/sex second. I actually returned Archangel's Kiss to the library, maybe I will get around to reading it.

Don't get me wrong -- I like romance and sex. :) I just need a STRONG story to go along with it and anchor it. I loved the first in the Psy-Changeling series, I can't wait to read the rest.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Regina wrote: "Don't get me wrong -- I like romance and sex. :) I just need a STRONG story to go along with it and anchor it. I loved the first in the Psy-Changeling series, I can't wait to read the rest."

Ditto, I'm the same. I need meat (story) with my gravy (romance). I think Singh manages that balance better with the Psy-Changeling series because if you don't like the romance you can read just for the story, which I've done a couple of times with her books and I still gave them 4 stars.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Kim wrote: "Ooooooh okay, now I understand ^^ (I love Acheron) and I agree, that book could have been so much better.

Hmmm, I'll look into it, you convinced me =)"

Yay, Kim! I can't wait to see what you think of them. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much I have. Slave to Sensation is the first and if you buy paperback get the UK covers, the US ones are cheesetastic. They put me off for a long time before I tried them.

message 11: by Nora (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nora Nice recap of Hawke, Amy :). Couldn't agree more!

I loved how his story was introduced bit by bit over the last couple of books... It just makes you EAGER! ;)

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} DESPERATE more like. LOL!

message 13: by Nora (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nora Amy or "Ames" wrote: "DESPERATE more like. LOL!"

OK, you're right :D

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review. I kind of felt like this about the last book: Elena kept admiring the sparkly, and Raphael kept telling everyone how Elena was his cookie and no-one else's and on and on it went. I love NS, but she does have a tendency to keep dishing up more of the same, even when the storyline is crying out for some tension and holding back. I'm SO looking forward to reading this though, and Hawke, phoarrrrr.

message 15: by Ann (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ann This is exactly how I felt about this book. I think I was more disappointed because the first book was so good! One of the most fascinating elements, to me, is the budding relationship between Elena and her sisters but it was hardly touched on.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Thanks Moss!

Ann, I would've liked a bit more on Elena's relationship with her sisters too, and their father's reaction to that. It's a shame because we probably won't get see any progress on this now that the series will be focusing on other characters, even though I'm dying to know more about the Seven.

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