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To Catch A Thief by Christina Skye
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Jan 04, 10

bookshelves: fiction-romance
Read in December, 2009

** spoiler alert ** I think I've outgrown the SEAL and Draycott serieses; Christina Skye is a more-than-competent romance writer, and I cherish her for being my introduction to the genre with Bride of the Mist, which I still have a soft spot for. But.

When Izzy Teague isn't awesome, you are DOING IT RONG. (WTF happened to the awesome Izzy of books past, who wore drag and drove up in a gold Cadillac and shrugged and said, "Hide in plain sight, sugar"?) Also, I would like my damn book about Izzy himself already; he is infinitely cooler than the interchangeable heroes of the SEAL/Code Name series, whom I seriously can't tell apart. And it would be super-awesome if he could stop being described as a doppelganger of Denzel Washington; I promise that your audience has seen a black man in the flesh. Actually, it would be even more super-awesome if he could stop being the only character of color who is on the side of the (American) angels in the entire universe. (If it turns out that Lloyd Rykell is black/Hispanic/Latino/Asian, I will call SO MUCH Magical Negro on your ass, Christina. I'm just saying.)

Let me put it this way: I could not suspend disbelief for this book. And I read fanfiction. (I'm not even talking about the whole Foxfire unit thing, which I have been handwaving since it made its first appearance. It was stupid and unexplained then and it is stupid and unexplained now.) The heroine, the daughter of an internationally recognized art thief, has gone into art restoration? Ooookay. And become one of the best in her field? At the age of, what her early thirties at the oldest? Um. And she is an expert, competitive rock-climber. Ooookay. And she is friends with Nicholas Draycott (who is The Only Person Izzy Teague Trusts!!11!). And art restoration and rock-climbing happen to be The Skillset Required To Save America (plus some random infrared vision and biometrically enhanced muscle response, or something, I don't know, I was drunk by this point).

Yeah, no.

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