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Aug 27, 2010

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i NEVER thought i'd ever rate this book below a 5...but here i am....and the only reason i gave it a three even is because the first two books of the hunger games were just SO GOOD they brought this one up...by three stars. honestly, i’ve waited so long for mockingjay to come out. i practically peed my pants on august 24th and now that i’ve finally finished the book (thanks to a full day of obsessive reading-meals not included) all i can feel is…annoyance. annoyance and disappointment. annoyance that katniss let herself be so easily used, didn't really care about anything, and was idle for so much of the book. and disappointment that you never really get any closure with gale, peeta wasn’t there for a third of the book, and he “wasn’t himself” for almost all of it. but mostly just mad that nothing really happened for large portions of the book. like…katniss seemed kinda…stuck all throughout. i’ve always loved her because she was a character that didn’t break down easily but mental breakdowns seemed like her favorite activity in this book. she spent like a fourth of the book missing peeta but she never actually DID anything about it. and then when he was saved she barely even talked to him let alone tried to help him. okay *spoiler alert* one of the only bright spots of this book is finding out about finnick’s past. i was definitely surprised by all he had to say. it made me like him even more. i can honestly say he was the only character that didn't annoy me once in mockingjay…AND THEN HE DIED. i am SO MAD that finnick and cinna’s death were pretty much considered inconsequential. like yeah, katniss was sad, but neither of them got like a dramatic tragical death. it was just “yeah. they died. it sucks.” and that really bummed me out cause i LOVED them both. i thought finnick's death was three times as devastating as prims, mostly because i feel like we never got to know prim well enough to really mourn her death. but for finnick i had to go back and reread the page several times before i could actually accept that he had died. and even then i hoped he would magically pop to life again. and not a single tear shed for him from katniss? NOT. OKAY. even though this was the book where the most characters died, it was also the book where i didn't cry once reading it. mostly because katniss didn't seem to really even care about anything which sort of killed my sympathy and sparked annoyance instead. and yeahh…so back to the whole non-closure thing with gale? it was just so…anticlimatic and…lacking. i’ve been a peeta supporter since the first chapter of the first book and even i hated how katniss and gale ended. i don’t know. i just think that maybe i was expecting this last book to follow basically the same format as the hunger games and catching fire, and i’m just ridiculously (like seriously to the point where it’s pathetic) disappointed that it took such a different turn. …and now that i know the entire series is over so that’s the only ending i’m gonna get....:'(
katniss’s shining moment appeared near the end though. when she decided to shoot coin instead of president snow. it almost brought back the old hunger-games-and-catching-fire-rational-and-strong katniss. almost. but then she had to go and try to get herself addicted to morphine in a suicide attempt. bleh. i always knew this was a somewhat dark series, but this book was just. so. bleak. reading it was pretty much equivalent to cutting my wrists. perhaps no amount of writing could ever have helped suzanne collins live up to my sky high expectations of this book but still….

the book could have been better. a lot. better.
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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy This will be the end of the series?!

Michelle Amy wrote: "This will be the end of the series?!"

Yes, this the last one. She said it was going to be the hunger games TRILOGY. :(


message 4: by Jeanne (last edited Aug 28, 2010 03:31PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jeanne I think your review of this book is dead on. The first in this series was chosen as a nominee for the Illinois grades 5-8 Rebecca Caudill reading award, and the kids love it. However, I am really wondering the appropriateness of Mockingjay in our middle school circulation since it was so much darker and, I felt, gratuitously more violent than the other two.

Lindsey I like your assessment, for sure. I was also wondering if anyone felt like maybe if Katniss had actually spoken up that would have made things different. She basically sulked around and thought a lot but that didn't communicate anything. Everyone was addicted to morphine in this book.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I freak'n agree completely. And I HATE,(yes I am a Gale supporter), How she just spins it around and makes Gale the bad guy all of a sudden. So stupid. Gar. Well loved your review.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I was SO MAD when Finnick died, but I didn't cry either, because I almost just couldn' believe it and would NOT accept it! And Katniss barely even blinked when it happened, so I thought...wait a minute, Katniss isn't sad...maybe Finnick didn't really die and I miss-read...?? But, no, when I went back and read again...dead. NOO! I'm more mad a Collins than Katniss, because, honestly, the person with Katniss's name in this book was just NOT Katniss!

♥ Marlene♥ I agree with you Christie. Okay if you want more romance, like book 2 and a happy ending then you will not like this book but just finished it, I think this ending is so much more realistic. Loved it. (did not like book 2 that much myself)

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Things can be realistic but still have hope in the end. This did not. In my opinion.

Michelle i just feel like katniss really changed in this book and instead of becoming more independent like most heroines she actually got weaker. which might be realistic, but it's still annoying to read about.

...and about the more romance part? yeah. i did really want more romance. i love peeta and i'm really mad at suzanne collins for taking away my last chance to obsess over him. and yes, i'm aware of how pathetic that sounds, but i'm really past the point of caring-kinda like katniss was in most of mockingjay;)

message 11: by Abby (last edited Aug 30, 2010 03:56PM) (new) - added it

Abby I didn't really comprehend that Finnick died until I reread that part, then I teared up a bit, just because I liked him so much!

And I felt like the end of the book ruined all the parts of the book I had liked earlier when I read them :/

Karenpetersen26 Abby wrote: "I didn't really comprehend that Finnick died until I reread that part, then I teared up a bit, just because I liked him so much!

And I felt like the end of the book ruined all the parts of the b..."

Its almost as if she just wrote PS. Finnick is dead!

message 13: by Louie (new) - rated it 1 star

Louie Shieh Was completely disappointed by this book! Gave it 1 star...LOL
The reason I began to read the Hunger Games series in the first place was the strong Katniss that would never give in to being used! I was really interested as to how she'll handle the rebellion, especially since District 12 was already destroyed. I thought she'd take up the lead in the Capitol's destruction but she just sulked around and played a puppet to both the Capitol and District 13, which was extremely disappointing! It's like a complete slaughter of her character. And it's not just Katniss...It was like all of the characters in the first two books suddenly changed. I couldn't imagine Peeta acting the way he did for the most of the book, it's just sad. And Gale completely leaving Katniss just like that...it wasn't the Gale I expected.
Though you could defend the ending by saying it's just a realistic ending to the series, the way it was written just irritated me like how Prim, Finnick and the others were killed. I felt like their deaths were completely useless, and considering how Finnick's already reunited with Annie and all, it just makes his death more irritating than depressing. I was actually confused when they died, thought I just missed the parts where they escaped so I kept rereading those parts. @.@

Saniya Ughh, I feel the same way. Like why the hell did Gale just disappear? and she got to know about him like through a Lady...? and all she was thinking about was that he maybe kissing someone else..ugh then I seriously didn't like the ending of Prim...she was good, mature...but why did they just kill her..and she wasn't even mentioned until she was dead...or consoling her sister that you love Prim.. and Finnick...gosh when he died i feel like kicking someone...why the hell did Collins do that? then why hijacking Peeta...? ugh ugh ugh... I was finally having hope that he will be like the hero or something...but then baammm...no, he just became a mental boy who loves a mental girl...i loved hunger games the best...Catching fire was OK...Mockingjay was OK too..i was like where's Peeta? i want Peeta...and all we got was him being mental...gosh...then Katniss...she became seriously like a mutt..I mean cant she save Peeta? cant she go talk to Gale in the end? In the ending i was crying..not in the epilogue but in the last Chapter when shes like totally mad...but when the book finished...i just stared at the page...i read and read and read again the last few sentences...but they were like...so meaningless...it was like her life was so like not doing anything herself...i feel like punching in her Face when she was not telling Peeta who is she when he became hijacked...i was like SHE DIDN'T even thanked Gale for saving Peeta...if he wasn't there...then there was no Peeta...I loved so many characters...but they just died and died and died...I didn't even sleep.. I was reading this book for 5 to 6 hours whole Sunday morning...i stared at like 11 pm...then finished at 9 am...I was like..no i wont sleep...i want to know the ending...ugh i almost hated Peeta when he started saying "real or no real" she was forced to be with Peeta...in the end she says "What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.Only Peeta can give me that" it was like she had no choices at all...And last of All...I didn't wanted it to be a trilogy...I wish it ended when they come alive from the game in hunger Games and shes says i love u truly blah blah blah...Gale i am so sorry you can only be my friend...Her family living peacefully at last..and then shes singing... with Peeta on her side and he staring at her...smiling ugh...but no this cant be a peaceful ending...it was liked she was forced to write more about...dragging...ugh...i am soo angry..

Cortney ok... I have only read about three pages and I got the feeling things were going to be a full blown frustration through this book. So I decided to look at some reviews- which I have strategically avoided so as to not ruin anything about this book I have been DYING to read...

I was guessing she didn't end up with Gale. Since she was in love with him in book one but we never saw or got to know him in the first two(kind of like Peris in the Uglies series).

I like your review, it matches up with what I was beginning to suspect, and dread. So I will take it as a heads up and maybe not be so disappointed.

Lauren I totally agree with you. I WISH WISH WISH WISH that that wasn't the end! It felt rushed and I wanted something better. Like, I don't know, maybe an ENDING?

message 17: by Whatever (new)

Whatever I just felt like ripping the book to pieces when I read the part that Finnick had died. He was the only character in this series that i liked from beginning to end so i had to read over that part again just like everyone else. I felt so sad and depressed that I didn't want to read anymore. I'm still so angry at Collins for killing him of like that.

Megan A agree completely. I almost hate Collins for killing Finnick - it was SO unnecessary and absolutely nothing came of it. He was my favourite character and i actually still feel heartache thinking about losing him. So unfair!

Stephi Cham Woah. You spoke almost all the thoughts on my mind. I completely agree.

Anaamika me too!! i was disappointed as well!! there wasn't anything thrilling in this last installment rather i was bored n the ending, it's just not satisfying !!

message 21: by Stacey (last edited Aug 04, 2011 06:20PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Stacey Wow...you took the words right out of my mouth...almost exactly all 5 bajillion of them...including those of Cinna and Finnick...I have been shaking my head all day. This was soooo disappointing. And what about the pearl? I kept thinking the pearl would act as some kind of trigger to snap Peeta out of it and Bam! We have our strong Katniss back, Peeta and his strength and logic...this makes for a super battle and a great ending no matter who dies...but nope...in fact was there really even a battle? She just kinda fainted into the hospital yet again...sigh. Frustrating ending to an amazing series...Thanks for putting into words which I could not...

Sally I feel the same way, thanks for articulating my thoughts. I so wish it could be written again with more thought and feeling this time.

message 23: by Em (new) - rated it 2 stars

Em This book definitely could have been better ):
But do you still consider yourself a fan?

Morgan Bogan yeah the other books were amazing and i was then i read the last one and was like wat the fuck.that was a horrible way to end the series!!!

message 25: by Bmxer (new)


message 26: by Bmxer (new)

Bmxer Cool please

Christina Creech I agree! It was so bleak and dark! I felt like I was cutting my wrists at the end and then we didn't even really get to see the romance between Peeta and Katniss. We just saw an end result. I was very disappointed.

Atlantis I agree the book was sad, and disappointing. I was the same exact way I couldn't wait for this book to come out. When I read it though I realized my expectations were too high The book wasn't awful it just wasn't up to par with the other two. But on the other hand it did keep me interested enough to read into the end and I'm so glad I did or else I wouldn't have read that Peeta and Katniss ended up being together and having kids or that Prim died. So it was a good book just simply not as amazing as the other two.

Melissa So this is a late comment but oh, well. I have to disagree with you. Katniss is still strong but you'd be a little weakened and traumatised if you had seen people die at your hand and if the boy you loved was off getting traumatised. And about how Cinna and Finnick's deaths weren't extravagant and big. THAT'S HOW DEATH IS! Death is sudden and unpredictable and when Katniss didn't shed a tear, she was just like us! Some of us didn't cry because we couldn't believe it. The book is true to the series. It shows the Capitol in it's true colours. Peeta was hijacked, for God's sake. And you're saying that it was stupid how he wasn't himself? He was tortured! I'm not hating on you, I'm just saying that you've really got to think about how and why it's written. Everything is written the way it is for a reason.

Nicole Nathanson Couldn't agree more with your take on Finnick! And I was also incredibly annoyed with the extended periods Katniss spent wallowing in pain and self-loathing.

message 31: by Susy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Susy Tarwater My thoughts exactly! Ugh...still couldn't put it down , but so disappointed!

message 32: by Gail (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gail I agree with most of the review and the comments. I felt like the book was supposed to show how the two main protagonists are each broken down by power players in the absence of each other. And never fully heal.

I thought Peeta and Katniss needed to get together, but their relationship was so bizarre by the end of the book that the ending seemed unrealistic. I'd feel weird if my spouse had tried to kill me on several occasions in the past in fits of insanity. And then for them to have kids together? Both of them are so scarred...they should have had a major crying session in which they apologized for everything, then taken a leaf out of Frodo's book and gone to the undying lands. Their many "weather tops" never fully healed.

Jacobb I agree for the most part. I thought he book was going to be five star but it was not as fast passed and it was not as nice of a conclusion as I would have liked. I would have liked if they explained more what happened in the end of the story. I thought there was some good ideas in the story but I thought it was kind of slow paced book and I don't like slow paced books.

message 34: by Katy (new)

Katy Blue I agree that the last book was quite the let down, but I also find the way that Katniss broke quote plausible. she was falling apart in catching fire as well.

Jonn'e Yeah... Totally agree with your review, even as a Gale supporter. Well said. You summed up all the things I couldn't verbalized about why I couldn't stand the ending.

Also, I feel like there were potentially some good lessons there at the end, but swallowed up in too much sadness. It's a book that would make sense to those going through depression or pts, but no one wants that to win out...

message 36: by Savannah (new)

Savannah I totally agree with you. There were too many parts of the book where nothing interesting happened. The others were so full of action, and this one is not nearly as good. I was disappointed when I read Mockingjay . I know Peeta was not in the book as much and I wish he was in it more, but I can see why they left him out more. He was captured and it was supposed to be from Katniss’s point of view. So it would be hard to add Peeta in.

Grace I think the way Katniss was in the book shows no one can be as strong as they seem. I loved the book even though it was not as great as the first or second, it helps you understand how hard things like what happened could be. I was upset when somethings happened like **SPOILER** Finnick not surviving but the author doing things to not please people makes the book better in my opinion.

Grace I think the way Katniss was in the book shows no one can be as strong as they seem. I loved the book even though it was not as great as the first or second, it helps you understand how hard things like what happened could be. I was upset when somethings happened like **SPOILER** Finnick not surviving but the author doing things to not please people makes the book better in my opinion.

Melissa yes, grace, I think the same! this was showing katniss at her worst after all she's been through. and although it was tough, she did survive in the end and save a lot of people.

Melissa yes, grace, I think the same! this was showing katniss at her worst after all she's been through. and although it was tough, she did survive in the end and save a lot of people.

Zmeymazur i agree with you on the parts where u say the deaths were just kinda yeah hes dead. oh well that annoyed me.too. but then i got into thinking and i think the most crucial point of this book is that it feels and is so real (storywise) and i think in such a situation the death of cinna and finnick and prim and... cant be to dramatic because if katniss would let herself fully grieve for all of them and suzanne vollims would give them a dramatic death it would just be to sgattering for katniss and kinda unrealistic as people really just die, mostly very undramaticaly. they die and then u have to move on. I think thats what she was trying to show.
lol i hope my babbling up there makes any sense to u..

Mindy Diamond agree agree

message 43: by Zoe (new) - rated it 3 stars

Zoe Pearce Couldn't agree with you more. Especially about finicky death in comparison to Prims. Thanks for sharing

message 44: by Amy (new) - rated it 2 stars

Amy Watt Your review basically said everything I felt about this book- I sort of quit reading after midway through- but still- you were right on the money!

message 45: by Gracie (new)

Gracie My thoughts exactly I just love Gale and always have I definitely think this is the worst book in the series

Brittany Lange You pretty much summed up my thoughts!

Timothy  Nathaniel  Pettit i agree with you em .. it could of ended with a happy ending..

Timothy  Nathaniel  Pettit i couldent agree more em. It could of ended with a happy ending.

Timothy  Nathaniel  Pettit it is like one of the saddest ending i have ever read ouf of all of the books ive read so far in my life.

Timothy  Nathaniel  Pettit I wish it had of ended with a happy ending with katness and PETA getting married and having kids.... So any body agree with me....

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