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Dec 27, 2009

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Recommended to Joyzi by: Stephenie Meyer
Recommended for: Fans of Harry Potter
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Alex Pettyfer Update


Alex Pettyfer Pictures, Images and Photos

Note: I will fucking kill the Casting Director if Alex Pettyfer, the man of my erotic dreams and fantasies*coughs* will not be cast as Jace Wayland! Seriously I don't care if he has a British accent and he already have Beastly, I am Number Four and Torment movies for 2011, I don't freaking care! He need to be Jace Wayland and Peeta Mellark! All I want in my life right now is HIM HIM HIM!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


I've been curious to google Ms. Clare for the reason that I've read hate reviews about her. I was shocked to find out that she was a harry potter fan fiction writer and became controversial because she happen to plagiarize some of her chapters in her fanfic.

Nevertheless the premise of this book got me interested, an ordinary girl realized that she has a shadowhunter blood and is not a mundane, her memories and sight was erased by her mother to protect her from the Clave and the Shadowhunter's world-i know reminds you of harry potter right?- so in this book I could tell that mundane was an equivalent of the world muggle from JKR. There are also obvious ideas that I felt that she got from harry potter like certain places are unplottable or cannot be seen by a mundane (uhm Hogwarts), there is flying motorcycles (Sirius motorcycle), runes, simon turned into a rat (scabbers), and there is also a portal (floo network).

However what I really like about this book despite lack of originality is it definitely bad-ass, a perfect read for young adults. It is action-packed, fast-paced and never would be there a dull moment.

The characters are very cool, of course there is Clary despite of being a damsel in distress all the time is surprisingly not annoying, she handles herself well at least and I love her sarcasm, wit and love the fact that she was good in drawing. The fact that she can't see how much she's beautiful in contrary that she is, is also made her a likable character. There is also Jace who is deliciously sexy and powerful, despite him being arrogant and cocky all the time the story also look to him as a melancholic person who have bothered by his past, having seen his father's death at a young age. Simon, Clary's mundane best friend which also have an unrequited love for Clary for 10 years. Jace falling in love with Clary and vice versa after all their experiences and now Simon finally confessing his love to her and now dun dun dun we have a love triangle in the story.

I also like the dialogues and the fight scenes in the story it was very well-written. I love that she used Latin phrases, it's very cool. Her story is continuous and she also have twists in the story that makes it more awesome and unpredictable. Hodge betrays them and gave the mortal cup to Valentine in exchange for his freedom. Jace and Clary in the end learned the truth that they are indeed brother and sister and their father is Valentine. (this brother-sister thing reminds me of Vampire Knight)

Well over-all it is very, very good so definitely I recommend it.
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Tee Jay *Spoiler Alert

They're not really bro and sis...but it's true that Valentine is their father. ;)

Joyzi Yeah I already figured that out. I finally finish the series, thanks though

Kamae Acejo Yes, I like the Latin phrases too. :)

Abby The love triangle thing reminds me of Blue Bloods' Jack, Schuyler and Oliver. Both girls discover they're not at all human, trapped between a boy from the other world and a best friend. Have you read Blue Bloods? :)

Joyzi Not yet but I'm planning to read it since the author was Filipino.

Joyzi 'Kay thanks she's Pinay Melissa dela Cruz laking Manila pero moves in the US na something something

Abby Yup, she's Filipina.

Gabby Alex Pettyfer! <3

Joyzi hahaha

Joyzi nyahaha Tama! *using my Kris Aquino voice*

Samantha Oledan shemay!!! GWAPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ang HOT niya!!! OMG, sobrang convinced na ako na pwede siyang maging Jace!!! nakakaloka!!!

may Torment movie na rin siya??? wait, ano yun?

Joyzi parang indi movie, sa UK lang nga showing e vad trif

Samantha Oledan ay sayang... gwapo pa naman... di ko makikita ng madalas.

eh yung I am number 4 at Beastly, ippalabas ba dito yun?

Joyzi uuum ipapalabas International, actually binasa ko na din yung books nung Beastly at I am number four para ke Papa Alex

Scarlet Gibson O_O That guy needs to be Peter Mellark! I don't know about Jace, he looks a bit different in my head- but Peter for sure!

Sarah Nice review Joyzi! :D

Joyzi Thanks Scarlet and Sarah >.<

Samantha Oledan Beastly, yun ba yung may cover na rose na parang may barbed wire?

Joyzi uuum yung ke Vanessa Hudgens at Alex Pettyfer, search mo yung book dito sa GR Beastly by Alex Finn ba yun? *not sure sa name ng author*

Samantha Oledan Vanessa Hudgens?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weh?!!!! sila yung love team?

Joyzi Uuuum hahaha grabe naman violent reaction talaga ke Vanessa, wait maghanap ako trailer para sayo

Julie hahah, i support szam for her violent reaction against vanessa hudgens LoLs confirm na pala ang movie na beastly. nalilito kasi ako nung time na nabasa ko sabi 2010 na movie yung isa naman postponed daw kaya super lost nako kung anu ba to pinalabas na ba or papalabas palang? haha your review saved my butt talaga haha

Joyzi parang for 2011 ang showing internationally e

Julie ah haha thanks ^^ yes makakahabol pa si szam sa beastly while ako naman sa lorien legacy lol para lang maintidihan ko yung movie, wait lang eh di yung 3 movies nya magkakasabay for 2011?

Joyzi di naman di ko sure sa mga showing nung mga yun pero yung Beastly at I am Number Four ang may international showing. Ang Torment sa UK lang

Denisa Definately. Alex Pettyfer Definately HAS TO BE JACE. Like Shizzzzz. He has the perfect looks.

Joyzi That's so right >.< He's like an angel.

Samantha Oledan oohhh... napanood ko na yung trailer. grabe, ang gwapo nga niya... nung naging beast siya, hindi naman talaga beastly na nakakatakot. akala ko kasi magkakaroon din siya ng whiskers at furs...pero kung ako rin yung babae, mai-in love pa rin ako sa kanya noh!

parang nag-iba yung mukha ni vanessa hudgens... pero wla naman na akong magagawa diba kung siya nga yung ka-love team ni Gwapo. hahaha :D

Julie @joyzi: ah okay ^^ mag-ipon na tayo ng pang-sine haha
sana nga talaga sya talaga mag portray kay Jace *crossing fingers*

@szam: oo nga beast na gwapo eh hahah, yung sa book ganun nga yung description pero sa movie parang me leukimia lang hahaha XD hahaha kahit beast form magkakandarapa parin mga girls sa kanya eh XD

syet! haha Gwapo LoL eeekkk ayoko kay vanessa kahit na wala syang atraso sakin, yung may sexy pics sya ew! as in ewness! lol pero walang makakatalo sa ewness ni miley LoL

I hope walang miley/vaness fans dito ^^

Samantha Oledan @julie: apir!!! nawala yung amor ko kay vanessa nung lumabas yung nude pix niya. nag-search talaga ako sa internet para makita yun. hahaha!!! :D. si miley rin... masyadong mature para sa age niya yung mga pinaggagagawa niya...
hala... baka mamaya i-block user na tayo ng mga pro-miley and vanessa.

eh, feeling ko nga normal lang yung itsura ni Alex nung naging Beast siya eh... para bang may tatoo lang siya sa mukha or medyo futuristic... per buti nga eh... kesa naman yung furry and hairy siya. :D

Joyzi @Szam the description of the Beast in the book was different from Alex' appearance on the movie. This was done so that the viewers will not freak out I think.

Yeah and I have seen the Vanessa Nude Pic too and what I think was Meh not sexy at all

Samantha Oledan ah... so buti nga at hindi nila pinapangit ng bonggang-bongga si Alex sa movie. hahaha :D

Joyzi Oo tama haha ang pangit naman kung furry yung itsura niya haha

Julie @szam: yeah! tama! haha, though di ko pa nakikita yung nude pic haha yung kay miley tama ka, ang WILD nya po! di ko keri! feeling ko nawala na lahat sa batang yun hahaha *judgmental* >.< kawawa yung dad nya parang ayun wala na lang magawa sa anak nya...

@joyzi: yikes, kadiri di naman pala sexy haha

buti naman di furry, ayoko ng mala sergio santebanes (marimar dude XD) haha

Joyzi eeeeewww Sergio magubat hehe, me carpet sa dibdib, Julie search mo na lang kaya sa google type mo Vaness hudgens nude tapos i off mo yung safe search ba yun

Julie owmaygoodness! nakita ko na mukha naman syang nag-eenjoy sa ginawa nyang scandal eh XD feel na feel nya siguro frustrated sya kasi di sya ganun ka hot stuff sa mga guys LoL

Samantha Oledan @julie: grabe, ngayon mo lang talaga nakita yung pic???!!! ahaha... nanay at tatay ko nga nakita na yun noon eh... ahahahahahaha!!!

oo nga, mukhang neg-eenjoy naman siya sa ginawa niyang pagpi-picture, tapos kunwari pinagsisisihan niya.

@Joyzi: ayaw niyo kay sergio?!!! ay grabe, crush na crush ko siya nung bata ako. naalala ko nga, pag may nagtatanong ng pangalan ko noon, sinasabi ko ako si Marimar. hahaha :D

Joyzi lol Szam haha mas type ko si pulgoso (bestiality?) ayun tingin ko din nag-enjoy dun si Vanessa, di naman siya mukhang nakadrugs nung ginawa niya yun e, hay kabataan talaga lol

message 40: by Julie (last edited Dec 30, 2010 09:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Julie @szam: shet ahahaha ang loser ko no! hahah, i think i'm innocent when it comes to those kinds of stuff! LoL nyahaha! LIAR!

ULOL ni Vanessa feeling ko for the show lang yung pagsisisi nyang yun! bleh! aaaiiiissshhhH! lalo tuloy lumaki ang antipathy ko sa kanya >.<

HAHAH winner to! wow fan ka pala ni FURRY GUY! hahah

@Joyzi: woi! kala mo naman di sya teen! HAHAHA
hahah pulgoso na may garapata or si sergio na mabuhok????? hahaha

hhhhmmm yung lolo na lang ni sergio sakin wahahah! sugar daddy-ing! XD

Joyzi Oo ganyan talaga ko magsalita parang feeling ko matanda na ko haha, lolo ni Sergio? Me lolo ba si Sergio sa Marimar? parang di ko maalala????

Julie wahahaha! Imbento ko lang!!! nyahahaha XD
hindi ko din alam kung me lolo sya pero feeling ko lang me lolo sya nyahaha
o cge si corazon na nga lang *lesbo* hahaha

Samantha Oledan hahaha... baka tatay ni sergio yung nakita mo. wala namang lolo dun eh... or, yung lolo ni marimar.
napanood niyo ba yung filipino version nun? hahaha!!! sinundan ko talaga yun eh. sobrang fan ako!!! :D

Joyzi yung ke Marian at Dingdong? Oo napanood ko pero paputol-putol, gusto ko yung scene na mayaman na si Marian, tas nagsayaw sila

Julie @szam: hahah ayun baka yung tatay nya! tama! cge yung tatay nalang ang ide-date ko haha

wow avid fans kayo ni marimar (fil-mexican version) yung kay thalia lang napapanood ko fan nya kasi ako hahaha another imbento!
pero di nga napanood ko yung maria la del barrio etc basta pinagbibidahan ni thalia nyahaha

Joyzi Ako din lahat pati Rosalinda eeeek

Julie hahaha oo maganda nga din yun! :))

Joyzi Oo gusto ko din yung kalove-team niya dun kaso I forgot the name na

Samantha Oledan OMG!!! nakakatuwa, may nakilala na akong maka-Thalia rin dati!!! hahaha :D. kaso di ko pinanood yung Rosalinda kasi hater pa ako ng abs-cbn noon. hahaha :D

Joyzi ay ganun? E yung tagalog version ng rosalinda napanood mo?

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