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Carbophobia by Michael Greger
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May 29, 10

Read in December, 2009

Anyone familiar with Dr.Greger knows he's on top of nutritional information and the most recent data available. That being said, his main focus of the book is the 'Atkins' diet though he makes it clear he is referring to all 'low carb' diets as the craze continues.

In a nutshell, a low carb diet often means eating more meat, less whole grains, fruit, and even some vegetables. The drop in fiber and nutrients coupled with the added stress to kidneys, an acidic body which robs us of calcium, and increasing (not decreasing) LDL levels, America has the wrong idea about dieting. Dr.Greger was so disturbed by all the misinformation, that he started a website to debunk the lies coming from the Atkins organization. Though Dr.Atkins is now dead, his corporation continues to fight against the truth.

In the end, a full fat diet (meaning healthy fats as in avacados & nuts) along with whole grains and an array of vegetables and fruit, is the way to go. Our muscles need carbs to burn the fat! Don't cut out the good carbs! Sadly, thanks to Atkins and other 'low carb' diet promoters since Atkins, America seems to think all carbs are bad, when in fact it's the sugar and white flour and excess fat they should be cutting.

Dr.Atkins himself, who denied having high cholesterol, was shown by an autopsy performed after death, to have 30-40% arterial blockage.


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