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Chains of Fire by Christina Dodd
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Apr 30, 11

Well, not what I expected. Three stars is generous...two not enough.

I have to say, from the previous three books in the series, I was very much looking forward to the story (both past and present) of Samuel and Isabel. There was so much history, so much chemistry, that I figured they would be one heck of a story. Er, not so much.

To recap, Samuel was the adopted Gypsy son of the butler. Isabel was the adopted daughter of the rich and powerful family. Both abandoned children with special, powerful gifts, raised together...but so very far apart. They were each others first and only love, but life, fate, and family just kept getting in the way. Now, as adults and powerful members of the Chosen, the fate of the world rests with them. And that is not easy to manage with a lifetime of feelings getting in the way.

Well. Samuel and Isabel. After waiting for their story since the beginning, I was let down. And I can't even blame being overly hyped. It was just that nothing really happens. Nothing. We get a glimpse of their previous shots at being together, and we see them snipe and snarl at each other in between lustful thoughts. They spend most of their time trying to escape the avalanche they were caught in, with some personal moments thrown in. But I left this story feeling like I learned nothing new about these two characters at all.

Other than the lack of action, there were two things that bothered me. First, the place that they are trapped had to be the most wonderfully equipped locker room in the history of locker rooms. Really. Convenient much? Everything from condoms to wine to dynamite...who could ask for more. I found myself snickering every time one of them found "it". You know, the very thing that they desperately needed at exactly that particular moment. That was just way too convenient.

The second thing that bugged me was Isabel. Now, Samuel I liked. Not loved, but liked. I got where he was coming from, and I can at least say I enjoyed his character, as far as it went. But Isabel was a different story. She was bland, dull, and seemingly lifeless. And more often than not came across as a spoiled rich girl who ran away at the first hint of something she didn't like. Now, she is redeemed a bit at the end, but her constant abandonment of Samuel did not sit well with me. I just couldn't grasp what Samuel saw in her, truth be told.

So, I have to say this one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I didn't hate it, but if this were the first book I was reading in the series I wouldn't feel the need to continue. One more left to come, so here is hoping things look up.

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