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Take a Thief by Mercedes Lackey
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Dec 25, 2009

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I love Lackey's Valdemar series; however, here she borrows so much from Dickens' Oliver Twist that it's extremely distracting. She basically recasts Fagan and his band of child-thieves as sympathetic Robin Hood-type guys who steal from the rich only and who take in young Skif, who's had a pretty bum life so far. Some passages are lifted straight from the Dickens original, such as teaching Skif how to steal hankerchiefs. It was an enjoyable read, though, despite the ridiculously over-the-top thieves cant used throughout the first 2/3ds of the book--I found myself sounding out a lot of the passages because it was just so strong. However, the presence of Alberich helped redeem it, as he is a fabulous character. Too much time was spent on Skif's career as a thief and not enough fleshing out his friends and his Companion.

Good if you're a fan of the Valdemar world, but I wouldn't recommend it as someone's first Valdemar book.

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