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Shield of Thunder by David Gemmell
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Dec 25, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: historical-fiction-alternatehistory, fantasy, greek-roman
Read from May 31 to June 02, 2010

Another enjoyable and interesting twist on the stories of Troy. How the war begins, and how the battlelines are drawn, are something that I wasn't familiar with at all: I don't know if there any records of it, and I know that this book isn't precisely faithful to what we already know even if there are, but this is an enjoyable take on it.

It is a little difficult to feel emotionally connected when all this killing is going on, and you know that several of your favoured characters will die, particularly if they're not recognised names from the epics (e.g. Argurios, Laodike). Helikaon snaps from reasonable to vengeful devil and back with, for the most part, flimsy transitions, which is also hard to relate to. I want to like him, but I don't get him at all.

I do like the character of Odysseus and the way these books handle him and his tall tales. I'm wondering if the story about him pretending to be mad will be included somewhere in here. We'll see.

Sometimes the role of women, and the reversals from the original myth, are a little hard to swallow. Andromache gets to do pretty much whatever she wants, which doesn't seem right at all, and other women have unrealistic amounts of power, too. In one way, it's good to read -- a male author writing strong capable women! -- but it's also frustratingly far-fetched.

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message 1: by Hollis (new)

Hollis ''it's also frustratingly far-fetched''

What else where you expecting from David Gemmell?

Nikki Considering I hadn't read any of David Gemmell's work before... I didn't know what to expect.

message 3: by Hollis (new)

Hollis Really? I would have thought that you would have read some of his books before considering that you like fantasy: I didn't even bother checking.

Nikki Nope, he's an author that's been on my to-be-read mountain for a couple of years without me getting round to it.

message 5: by Hollis (new)

Hollis You're missing out. Well, if you like that kind of thing, anyway.

Nikki I probably will like it when I chip away at the TBR mountain enough to get at it. *grin*

message 7: by Hollis (last edited Jun 03, 2010 02:58PM) (new)

Hollis Yes, my TBR just gets bigger and bigger every day, no matter how fast I read. Every time I finish a book and get closer to one I wanted to read, another two take its place: a hydra-headed undertaking if there ever was one. I don't even bother adding books on the 'to-read' shelf because there are just too many. I've been putting off reading a book by Guy Kay for ages and ages, although I hope I will get to it at some point.

Are you planning on reading every single book on your 'to-read' or do you sometimes just delete books from it?

Nikki That's exactly how it goes. I just added a bunch of a) coursebooks and b) ebooks that'd been building up in a folder, and I'm starting to despair.

I've sometimes deleted books if I've read the first couple of pages and don't think I ever want to read it now, but I own everything on my to read list, so the theory is that one day I'll read it.

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