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As You Wish by Jackson Pearce
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**** Read for the first time December 24th - 25th 2009 ****

Reviewed on the first day of Christmas:
The year is almost over and, frankly, I did not expect to stumble across another perfect book. I believed my quota was full. Well, what is Christmas for, if not for miracles? 'As You Wish' is my kind of teenage urban fantasy love-story, Jinn is my kind of supernatural hero (I would have wished for him to stay as well, if I were sixteen) and Viola is the best kind of heroine (kind and funny with flaws).

The story is told in turns by Viola and Jinn, who actually does not have a name, but Viola choses to call him that - although he grumbles that is the same as if he would name her "Human". Viola accidentally summons Jinn, because the wish in her heart to feel like belonging to someone or to some group wells up very strongly.

Jinn appears and impatiently reminds his new and hysterically screaming master to get on with her three wishes so that he can return home to the world of jinns where he does not age and leads a carefree, fearfree and stressfree life. He does not expect Viola to start considerering her wishes with care. And he is not used to masters thinking beyond their own good and to be genuinely interested in him and his well-being. In fact, he breaks the first protocol in interaction with human masters when he agrees to call Viola by her name instead of "Master". After a few days he begrudingly has to admit to himself, that he wants Viola to wish for something that will make her really happy, that he cares for her and that mortality is not so bad when individuality and strong mutual attachment come with it. Can he go back to the jinn world having no name and no real friends, living one perfect, eventless day after the other, knowing that Viola has forgotten the time spent with him?

Viola cannot pinpoint her disconnected feeling. If she made an effort, she could be part of the "Royal Family", if she wanted, she could hang out with the art kids, if she did not mind, she could spend all her free time with her best-friend Lawrence, former childhood-friend and first sweetheart. But somehow she knows these options do not give her back the piece of herself she thinks she is missing. So she is determined to find out what she really needs - after asking if wishing for world peace would make sense or not - although she resents keeping Jinn from returning home. An accidentally uttered wish with ill consequences makes her think even more: Can something that is to change her life permanently be forced anyhow?

I love the normal and casual way in which Viola worms herself into Jinn's business-like heart. I love the fact that Jinn is the first to discover his feelings (no weak heroine with questionable taste in males pining after the bad boy who treats her like dirt). And I like the design of the situation: Jackson Pearce does not need to present a depressed heroine, an outsider, a loner. She hands us a perfectly normal girl, with friends, talents, nice parents. Somebody ro relate to - who gets to be heroine of an engaging genie story in spite of that.

And ... by the way ... did you know that Keanu Reeves unfortunately wished to be a famous actor instead of for becoming a talented one, because good acting does not inevitably lead to popularity? "Surely you didn't think he made it on his acting skills? I grant wishes; I don't work miracles." (p. 50)
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Jackson Pearce
“Keanu Reeves?" she asks in amazement. I nod. "What did he wish for?" "Isn't it obvious?" I say, waving a hand at the screen. "Fame." "That's why he's famous? Because of a wish?" "Have you seen his movies? Surely you didn't think he made it on his acting skills?" I grant wishes; I don't work miracles. Viola looks back at the screen, eyes screwed up in awe. "I guess that makes sense," she says faintly as my former master delivers a line poorly. "Wow.”
Jackson Pearce, As You Wish

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message 7: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim I'm putting this on my to-read list ^^ It sounds good.

oliviasbooks As many have said : The cover is boring and dull, but the content is fantastic.

Teccc Did you see the German (and Spanish) cover of this book? I like it better than the English edition, even though I'm not sure if it really fits the 'mood' of the book.
Drei Wünsche hast du frei by Jackson Pearce

oliviasbooks Yes, I even uploaded it myself. ;-) It is a great plus that Viola does not look so incredibly young and stupid. When my friend from Bremen visited us, she asked me for something to read in bed. I handed her three books and recommended "As You Wish". But she put it aside because of the cover.

message 3: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic I love the German (and Spanish) cover. Much better. I nearly didn't read this book because of the cover too. Thinking it look too young and silly.

Teccc Oh, I didn't notice! Next time I'll make sure to check the librarians change log for the book before telling you about an interesting cover ;-)

I only read the book because Olivia recommended (and borrowed (Thanks!)) it to me. I'm not even sure if I would have noticed it on my own...

~Tina~ Love that cover! Wish it was ours.

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