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My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent
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Man, I'm not sure how this happened. The first book was a five for me. A solid good YA book that I enjoyed, that I had no complaints about...and then this one lost my interest at about page 125. I think the thing that made the first book so good that was lacking in this book was the "What the hell is going on?" aspect. I had no idea what Kaylee and Nash were in the first book...that's what made it so interesting. This one? Not so much.

In the second book there is a media giant named Dekker that is making teenagers sell their souls to demons so that they can attain fame and fortune. They also run every aspect of the youth's life. Fine and good, I enjoyed that part of the premise... and then there was Tod, who is potentially my least favourite character thus far in the series. I don't enjoy his presence very much and, surprise surprise, he's a major plot point in this book. Blargh...strike one. Strike two comes between Kaylee and Nash themselves. This book takes place 6 weeks after Kaylee has discovered what she is. Also, it's 6 weeks (give or take) after her relationship with Nash has developed into a full blown romance. The problem here comes in when Kaylee starts to succumb to self-doubt about her and Nash and whether she is good enough for him...groan... enough with the angsty Stephenie Meyer like devices. I get it. Teenage girls are unsure of themselves... stop cramming it down my throat!

I'm sad. I loved the first book. I think maybe this is one to set aside (for the time being) and pick it back up again when I am more in the mood for it. I don't want to give up on these yet, I just need a bit of space. There's too much skip reading going on to be into it right now.

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