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Angel Time by Anne Rice
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Dec 23, 2009

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I have read every book Anne has published and have enjoyed them all, some a very great deal (Cry to Heaven, most of the Vampire Chronicles - esp. Memnoch, The Mummy, Feast of All Saints, Christ the Lord series) and some not as much (Mayfair Witches saga, Violin, the last Beauty book, East of Eden).

I know when her name is on the cover, I'm going to get vivid characters, evocative prose, solid scholarship, and an entertaining if not completely engrossing plot. She hit all the notes with this one and yet I wasn't drawn in and held like I usually am and I really wanted to be. I've long been interested in the subject of Angels (warrior of G'd type vs. the greeting card, New Age type) and was intrigued by Malchiah and by the insight into the lives of medieval Jews in England. And I'm always interested in philosophical and theological insight and debate.

I'm not sure if it was the jarring of being inside assassin Toby's modern head for the first half of the book and then shifting so rapidly into the spiritually changed Toby sent back into medieval time to right a wrong that threw me off. Because I had no problem with the two Toby's taken separately, but they just didn't flow into each other as smoothly for me as they could or should have and I can't say why.

This appears to be the first in a series and I think she was laying the groundwork for Toby's character and that's why the whole first half of the book is taken up establishing his background before she shifted the characters and the story into Toby's 'new' life and into the whole premise of the book - a reformed sinner, rededicated to G'd and working to help right or prevent injustices. I just can't put my finger on why the transition threw me out of the story. I'm still looking forward to the next book in this series and hoping it will grab me like so many of her other books have in the past. I just wish this had been one of them.
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