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Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy
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Not as good as the 3rd book (Accidentally Human) but still fun. Serious overkill with the chicklit silly-speak. Especially from characters where it just isn't believable. From Nina, ok, but Wanda and Casey were conservative, softspoken women. They'd never have heard a lot of those phrases, much less used them, even after becoming paranormal critters. It was still cute, and the author made big points when Casey kept calling Clay on his not telling her things for her own good. She expected to be treated like s grown woman who could make her own decicions, go Casey! Even if those decisions tragically include Yanni and John Tesh.

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Reading Progress

05/23/2010 page 84
23.86% "Lots of silly banter. Big coincidences. Cute so far."
05/24/2010 page 254
72.16% "I know Dakota is just making the Yanni & Tesh references to provoke a reaction. And it worked. Oy, Casey."

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