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Ninth Key by Meg Cabot
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Jan 05, 2010

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Final Book Response:

Suze is very self confident. She is always downing Jesse and Father Dominic's help with mediation. Jesse even says "You think you don't need anyone, that you can handle everything on your own." (p. 117) and Suze replies "I can handle everything on my own."
Is Suze and people in general so self-confident because they may be special/different? I mean Suze thinks she can control everything, possibly because she thinks being the mediator is a big deal, and so it's unique.
But, in other cases, people feel totally un-confident by being different/special. Some kids strive to be normal, because they are un-stable and think badly of themselves.
Maybe since Suze was a mediator practically her whole life she is so comfortable and used to/with it, making her think she has things in control, unlike kids who think they are stupid, or weird by not being normal, because they don't like themselves. Suze obviously is stable and doesn't mind being called weird. She even wears a black mini mini skirt to get attention (and because she likes wearing unusual clothing) to school, where there is a strict dress-code.
When people find themselves (who they are and what they want in life) they are stable and sure of what to do. They feel a bit invinceable, compared to the people who are shaky and weak. Suze maybe thinks she is so in-control because she has sort-of found herself. She knows she likes being weird, and being normal at the same time (by dating), and she knows she does want to help ghosts, even when it can get her into trouble.
Yet, I think, weak or strong, we all need help at some point. Sometimes, when we get help, we even become stronger, because we can target our weak points. We realize we need others, and there is nothing wrong with that. Suze has been thinking it is wrong to have someone. But why? Becuase she thinks it will make her more exposed and out there for anyone (ghost or human) to mess with her? Because she has been used to not having people for her with her father being dead and only having one friend?
When Jesse breaks open the shutters letting Suze escape, she thanks him, realizing she needed him. Not everyone is always sure, or in-control of their situation. Suze accepted then she was grateful for the help, and that sometimes, she needs it. That made her stronger, and able to accept that she can't do everything (by her expierience).
People need others to support them, even if it may un-lock your heart, or make you more exposed. That's why we (and Suze) should accept help, even if we are positive in oursleves and our decisions. Being confident is good, but we shouldn't think too much of ourselves and our actions to where we think we can be alone, and not get help. Eventually, getting no help will make us isolated from the world, and less in control, because you won't know what's going on or how to solve it. Suze wants to and sort of needs to help ghosts, but she needs to get help, from people who have expierience or power like Jesse and Dominic.

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