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Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
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Dec 22, 09

bookshelves: gave-up
Read in January, 2002

I don't care what anybody says, this book is total wank.
The main character is all, 'oh i'm from mars, let's share water and make peace come true! yay hippie martians!'
And somehow he becomes famous and makes all these friends and brainwashes them into joining the circus.
And that is where I said to myself, 'good lord, this has got to be the biggest pile of wet martian shit I have ever read' and threw it somewhere and didn't pick it up again unless it was to sell it on ebay or donate it to Goodwill or something.
And all these people, like that one ex I had who was a total douchebag loser, thought it was BRILLIANT. And I said, 'You are wrong. I don't think I'll stick with you since you have such crap taste in books. Honestly, I know you like the Dune series, but everything after the first one was awful, yet you still read them. And all that crap Frank Herbert's son writes even though he's just mooching off his dead daddy.'
Honestly, they all joined the circus! For no reason! They were like, reporters and journalists, and all of a sudden they can twirl batons and walk tightropes? Yeah right!
Maybe it redeemed itself in the end, I don't know, because the first half was so incredibly bad I couldn't bring myself to read anymore.

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