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Tunnels by Roderick Gordon
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Dec 22, 2009

really liked it
Read in April, 2006

** spoiler alert ** Review by: Dorien Williams 206-12

1. What did you think the book was about?

The book was about a boy named Will who's father is an archaeologist. He and his dad love to dig together, until his dad mysteriously disappears. With the help of his friend Chester, Will starts looking for his dad. While the two of them where digging (they thought that there may have been a cave in while Will's dad was in one of the tunnels) they come across a secret underground civilization. After a bit of trouble Will finds out that his dad just past through about a week before. And that he's gone into the Deeps, a dark place closer to the center of the earth where horrible creatures and contraptions are beyond imagination. While on the run from the Styx (a secret cult that everyone in the Colony fears) Will and some companions head into the Deeps to find Will's father.

4. How did the book compare to other books by the author (or other books in the same genre)?

Compared to all the other fiction books i've read "Tunnels" is definitely one of the best. With a surprise around every corner. And chase scenes like when Will was running from the mysterious man with extremely pale skin and dressed completely in black.

5. What about the plot? Did it pull you in; or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?

The plot of the book was pretty good, but the beginning was very boring just talking about the characters descriptions which really didn't improved the book at all. But later on the plot started thickening as Will went deeper into the newly discovered world and it was hard to put the book down.

6. Were the characters realistic? Would you want to meet any of the characters? Did you like them? Hate them?

All the main characters were realistic, they didn't have super powers or anything like that. They had regular jobs. I would like to meet Mr.Burrows (Will's dad) because while I was reading the book I was wondering what was going through his mind when he was going deeper underground. Was he scared, curious, etc? I liked all the characters except Will's mom because all she did the whole book was watch TV in the living room. I felt she was really just dead wait in the story and that the authors might as well of marked her dead.

7. Did the actions of the characters seem plausible? Why? Why not?

The actions seemed plausible except the fact that the Colony (the name of the underground civilization) could survive underground for so long with no real sun light. And of course with no sun light there would be no vegetables or fruit and these are vital for surviving. But otherwise everything seemed plausible. None of the main characters had anything more than being really (but humanly) strong. Like Mr.Jerome and uncle Tam.

8. If one (or more) of the characters made a choice that had moral implications, would you have made the same decision? Why? Why not?

When Chester agreed to help Will find his father I thought that was a morel decision. Because he didn't have to help Will especially when he knows how dangerous digging that deep can be. And I would have to say that I would make the same choice because I could never just stand back and not help someone help their dad especially if he was in peril.

9. How would the book have been different if it had taken place in a different time or place?

Nothing in the book would drastically change if it took place in a different place in the world. Or if it took place in a different time like the 1800's. I don't think it would take them any longer to get on Mr.Burrows's trail but in the future the technology would probably be more advanced so that would speed up the process. Because they didn't use any electronics besides flashlights for a bit. And the only real piece of machinery was a train but besides that they just used shovels for digging.

11. How are the book's images symbolically significant? Do the images help to develop the plot, or help to define characters?

The book's images weren't very important and didn't help the book out a lot. Like when it was describing what Chester looks like, with "pale skin, freckles and orange hair". I don't think that improved the plot at all, because even if he looked completely different nothing would change in the plot of the story.

12. Did the book end the way you expected?

The book didn't end anything like I expected. I thought for sure they'd find Mr.Burrows and not have gotten on a train "accelerating into the very heart of the earth". Because to me that doesn't sound like a very happy ending especially when "the deeper you go the bigger the dangers". But the ending did leave room for a sequel, because the readers would want to find out what's waiting for them in the "heart of the earth".

13. Would you recommend this book to other readers? To your close friend?

I would definitely recommend this book to other readers who enjoy fiction books. Because the underground civilization is possible but no one would invest the time, risk or money to making it possible. Nor could the people in the Colony survive without vegetation.

14. If you were casting these characters in a movie- what actors/actresses would play them?

If I was going to make a movie about this book I'd choose mainly british actors because the book takes place in britain, so it'd be easier for the actors to speak (not having to change accents). A few examples are that; Daniel Radcliff would play Will because he fits the description and does well as the main character in movies. Rupert Grant would play Chester because he also fits the description and he does well as the "sidekick" in films. Another is Jason Statham would play Mr.Jerome because he looks muscular and is quiet like the character.

15. What was your favorite part/scene of the book?

My favorite part of the book was when I found out what they ate down in the Colony. They couldn't eat vegetables with no sun light and you need vegetables to survive and the smell of too many animals would be overwhelming. Thats why I was surprised when I found out that they ate rat jerky and some kind of maggot/grub when Cal, Mr.Jerome and Will sat down for supper and Will "watched in horror as Cal bit down on one of the squirming white creatures".

17. Did you learn anything from the book that you didn't already know?

I wasn't really expecting to learn anything new or educational from the book and I didn't. I think the main reason is because it's a fiction book so most of the things in it aren't a reality. Like a human society who can survive without vegetables or fruit is impossible. And an underground civilization is technically possible but still doesn't exist.

18. Everyone- On a scale from 1-5 what would you give this book- what would have made this book better?

I give the book a 4 out of 5. It would have been better if Rebecca (Will's sister) had done more in the book. For example instead of staying home and looking after the mom the whole story, she could have surprised the readers in someway. By knowing more about everything that was going on, or something like that. Something to make it harder for the reader to put the book down.

19. Were there any personality traits in the character that you could identify with?

I guess I can relate to Will's curiosity because he's always asking questions like "How does this orb thingy work?" or "Who are your founding fathers?". And I'm always asking questions too. I can relate to Rebecca too because of her extra steps in security, like when she saw someone going through their garbage and said to herself "good luck finding anything in there ,I burned all the bills and credit card invoices.". Because I always tell my mom to burn or at least shred the stuff that people can use to steal her identity.

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