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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 25, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: dystopia, paranormal-and-supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, summer-2010
Read from July 19 to 25, 2010

I feel conflicted. On one hand you have what (I imagine) you get from every Stephanie Meyer book - romance. Bleh. On the other hand, there's this amazingly detailed and creepily sinister alien race, known on our planet as "Souls" that hop from world to world and slowly take over. These souls, however, believe themselves to be helping all these species into a happy and non violent existence.

Using giant Spiders from a previously found planet (due to their nimble appendages), they take over Earth by implanting more of their centipede like species into the top of our spinal column. This turns everyone on the face of the planet into a trusting, no war, no crime, happy fun place. As you can imagine, the TV shows are terrible.

But, something they've never encountered before happens during our invasion - a resistance.

Wanderer has lived 9 lives on 9 different planets. She's been a bat, an ice bear, even a flower. You see, in her species, when the host dies, you simply get taken out and put into a new one. Around live 5, their version of females usually elect to carry young, but Wanderer never found that want.

She gets implanted into a young human girl, Melanie, who refuses to be lost to Wanderer's invasion. Told mostly from Wanderer's point of view, the book goes really deep at the anguish of these two people that have to share a mind and body. I loved that development and how much they come to trust each other, for the mere fact that it was impossible for one to lie to the other.

All this is cool and I loved the set up, and the ending, but the middle completely bored me. I actually considered quitting and waiting for the movie to fill me in. I felt like much could have been cut from it, pages of how Wanderer is coping with these human emotions and whatnot. What I assumed was trying to make me like these characters more, I felt start to do the complete opposite. I started not to care. That is, until the end, I mean, I'm not ENTIRELY heartless.. maybe.

It was interesting enough in the premise and story to get me to read the next ones (which are still two years off, so that doesn't really matter right now, anyway). I just hope we get a little less sappy and a little more Ice Bears fighting giant Claw Monsters on faraway planets. That shit was awesomeee.

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Michael good luck with the first 200 pages, they're pretty boring :)

Camila Eliana but fear not! It gets better. (imo)

Michael yeah, it definitely does

Chloe WAY BETTER. You're going to love this.

Mitchel Broussard im really liking it already. the idea alone is enough for me at the moment. i loves me some aliens ^-^

message 6: by Tori (new) - added it

Tori >:| Frickin aliens.

Mitchel Broussard hey you have this to read so dont ding on the aliens

message 8: by Tori (new) - added it

Tori I know, I've already read the first few chapters so I shouldn't knock it, but still. Aliens. :| I must say, I hate me some aliens. I've endured worse books though.

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