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Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
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May 03, 2010

it was amazing
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Well first off, this has to be my favourite in the series so far. It has such a "wow" factor about it. The characters: Ani, Devlin and even Bananach just keep you wanting more, the plot, the love and I really like Melissa Marr's writing style.

This story is revolved around Ani, half faery and half human, though she is really more faery than human, though. Ani isn't like most of the other Wicked Lovely female leads; she's totally different to Ani and Leslie, and even though I like them both, Ani was way more better as the main character. I didn't like her in the beginning, but she grew on me during the rest of the book. She doesn't like to follow the rules and she would do anything for her family.

Devlin isn't like the other male leads, too. But he's not my favourite; Seth still had my heart. ;) But I still like Devlin. He cares so much about Ani, and I love love loved the ending, with the King of Shadows bit, but I won't go into detail with that cause it'll spoil it. Anyways, it's really interesting abotu how he was made by Bananach and Sorcha. It's just ... Wow.

Bananach would have to be my favourite. I know it sounds weird (I know it does o_O) but I find her really intriguing. She's like the ultimate bad guy-- or bad faery. She goes around killing random people, manipulating everyone, and it's just awesome. I really don't want to see her die in the later books.

I was so happy to find out Seth was back in this one. He's changed so much from since he was a human, though. But he's still cool. And I can't wait to see him and Ash in the next book. I was happy that Niall was back, too. I loved him in Ink Exchange, and so is Irial... though I didn't like him at all in Ink Exchange; he's grew on me in this book, and he was so nice to Ani, especially in the last couple chapters.

Rae is a new character in this book, and even though I really have no idea what she actually is, I found her cool. But the whole love triangle thing was pointless, very pointless. That would have to be the only major flaw in this book. I didn't see it coming at all, and then she was in Ani's body, and I was like "Uh, okay then.. That's weird." So it didn't need to be in there at all.

I like how all the faeries in this book need something. Like Ani needs to feed on emotions and touch, Devlin needs to feed on blood (He's like a faerie-vampire, I guess.) And so on... It's really clever.

So even thought there were some flaws, I love this book and would definitely recommend it. 5/5. Can't wait for the next one - and the last one :/ - in the series!
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 Soph - Lock&Key how is this I also wanted to read this but after the last book im not so sure

Regan ♥ It's pretty good, but I haven't go to far into it, so nothing has happened yet.

message 3: by Naomi (new) - added it

Naomi when did you get this? cause it's not out in Australia yet.

 Soph - Lock&Key I know its so unfair

message 5: by Naomi (new) - added it

Naomi Doesn't it come out on the fourth of May?

message 6: by Regan ♥ (last edited May 03, 2010 11:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Regan ♥ It's already come out in Australia... Well where I live it came out like a week ago.

Regan ♥ Jillian -always aspiring- wrote: "Good review. My only gripe: HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IRI?! :P I love how he cares about his court and his loved ones. He's amazingly selfless and protective for a Dark Court faery. :) (I know, I..."

Thank you. :)

And lolol, I don't know! :P I liked Niall more. XD And maybe it is just age. You being so old and all... Joking! But yeah, I will read Ink Exchange again, and then we shall see if I like Irial more. ^^

message 8: by (new) - added it

★ It has been out for a long time in Australia.

And after Ink Exchange, im not desperate to read them.
I will, but not for a while...

Regan ♥ Booklover23 wrote: "It has been out for a long time in Australia.

And after Ink Exchange, im not desperate to read them.
I will, but not for a while..."

You definitely should read them, but yeah, as Jillian said you might not like them very much.

Also, I'm just wondering, have you read the Mortal Instruments series? :)

message 10: by (new) - added it

★ Ive been meaning to read them for a loooong time!
ive got CITY OF BONES on my bookshelf right now, and id love to read it ASAP.
And i will.
Really soon.
Did you like them?

Regan ♥ Yes, you should definitely read it. :) I have a feeling you'll like it. And I loved the series, they're one of my favourites. :D

message 12: by Naomi (new) - added it

Naomi Booklover23 wrote: 'It has been out for a long time in Australia.'

Really? Maybe I just need to go to the bookstore... :)

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