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The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger
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Dec 18, 2009

bookshelves: dnf

I wanted a unique romantic fantasy and I chose this book because it seemed mysterious and original. It only took about 50-75 pages for me to realize this wasn't the book for me.

The book started out great. I loved Beth's voice and the writing style but that quickly deteriorated. First, the repetition. Believe me, I know Beth and her friend Shirl are virgins. I got it the first time. Maybe this is a super important fact as the book progresses so Bendinger wanted to make sure the reader was aware, but I was aware after the first time it was discussed.

Then there was Beth's reaction to Richie Mac. Beth quietly berates her bff Shirl for being so obsessed with the popular kids and, in particular, for being so obsessed with the younger Mac, Richie's brother, but as soon as Richie pays the tiniest bit of attention to Beth she goes all spaghetti. What happened to the confident, focused, snarky girl that I was beginning to know as Beth??? She goes poof in front of Richie.

Finally, I thought Beth's focus was a bit spastic. She has three major things to worry about--eye floaties, mysterious envelopes, and Richie--but they aren't blended together well. When she's worring/thinking about one she seems to completely forget the others, despite the fact that at least two of the things are linked. And the transitions between thinking about the different things are jarring.

There were a couple of other little things that bothered me--Shirl, Richie's insta-love--but these were the main things. In conclusion, not for me. I hope others make it farther and enjoy because it certainly has a lot of potential.

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Nicolette the book does start out great and then i know it gets all weird, but it does end out good. i mean yes there must be a sequel because theres tonz of stuff we dont know but it got better for me.

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