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Dec 14, 2009

it was ok
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Okay, I have said for a very long time I would never read this series of books. I thought it too cheesy and way over hyped. So here is what I have decided:

Is it well written? - Not even close. How many times does a reader need to know that a boy is good looking? According to Stephanie Meyer 348 times. How many ways can you describe a crooked smile? According to Stephanie Meyer, just one way should suffice.

Were the characters well developed? - Beyond knowing that Bella is clumsy and Edward is Adonis like in appearance, we learn little else about the people. Perhaps it can be said that will be developed in the next book, but that is cheating.

Did the book make me feel anything? - Yes. It made me feel like tossing it against the wall and yelling "NO! Not again! I already know Edward is good looking"

The teen angst was over done. The fact that up until the arrival of Bella from Phoenix, no one in the town of Forks (as in pitch) had a clue that Edward and his clan were anything more than eccentric is absurd.

So how do I really feel about this book? Well, the best way I can describe it is to say it is like pork rinds. Not terribly good, but addictive. So, with that being said. I'll be reading the next one.

And one more thing. I wish this application would allow us to give a 1/2 star. 3 stars is not really good enough, but 4 stars are too many.
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Michele Pork rinds. What a fabulous description.

Adrianna LOL! Based off your description, I'm surprised you didn't rate it 1 star. That's what I gave the book. I'm still planning on writing a review...probably in the New Year. I really like how you described your dissatisfaction with it. I hope I can write just as well once I get around to that review! lol!

Cari That summed up my feelings as well, Henry. I'm trying to read through the 3rd book in the series and I can't figure out why. I've had to check out the 3rd book from the library 3 times now in my attempt to finish it. I keep setting it down, reading other things, and then trying to come back to this series. I don't think the series is well written either, but I have this odd compulsion to know how it all ends.

message 4: by Adrianna (last edited Dec 31, 2009 12:54PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Adrianna LOL! I was having the same trouble with the library copies, Cari, so I had someone else buy me the first two books for my collection (I refused to spend my own money on the books). I read the first one, but I haven't gotten up the courage to read the second one. I heard the series gets better...but I am already predicting the ending. I'm going to read the whole darn series because I promised some family and friends I would. Plus, I want to see if my predictions turn out correct. I think the books, so far, are pretty predictable.

Michele Adrianna, the second one was the worst (imho) so perhaps you should go straight to the third! Ha ha

Adrianna Yeah, I've heard that too! LOL! The movie was pretty bad. I was surprised at how many of my family liked it though. It was overly dramatized...and I really did not like a suicidal Bella...that was wrong and weird. It left me feeling dirty after watching the movie. I think Meyer was going for a Romeo and Juliet feel, but she failed miserably (imho).

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