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Under the Dome by Stephen King
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Dec 14, 2009

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bookshelves: creepy, dystopias, fiction, suspense
Read in November, 2009

There's not much to say about Under the Dome that the other reviewers on this page haven't already said better. I'm kind of conflicted about this book except for one aspect of it: the Dome itself. I totally agree with all of the faults that people already listed: cardboard characters that I couldn't identify with, too much foreshadowing, too obvious battle between good and evil, anticlimactic ending, etc. However, despite all these flaws I still had a great time reading the book, and still couldn't put it down. I think it was the idea of the dome itself that really captured my imagination. The chapters where King describes it falling are so detailed and creepy. And when he begins to describe the environmental ramifications of life under the dome - like the air quality and the pollution that builds up on the outside - it's a pretty good metaphor for what's happening to the larger Dome we all live under. And, the chapters describing the final tragedy to take place inside the Dome (which you can see coming from hundreds of pages away, King really piles it on with the foreshadowing) are harrowing and devastating in their detail. So, despite all the characters King packs inside the Dome, and all their problems and conflicts and flaws, the big star of the book is the Dome itself.

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