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Aliens by B.K. Evenson
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Dec 12, 09

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Read in December, 2009

I was hoping for something more from a pulp novel based on a movie series written by an author mostly known for writing literary fiction. I didn't really think think this would happen but I hoped for more. There are a few moments where I could see that a 'good' writer was guiding this action-based plot along, but it was mostly what one would expect from a book about Aliens. It was entertaining, and I enjoyed it more than any of the Alien movies I've ever seen. I never got the Alien movies, and think there is something wrong me for not enjoying them at all. Sort of the same thing that is wrong with me for not really loving The Exorcist, or even really liking The Shining.

With a title like this, Aliens: No Exit I would have split the book into two parts. The first would have had lots of aliens, gore, new aliens bursting out of chests, killing, maimed people being put through shredders and all the other delightfully grotesque acts that happen in this book, but then the main character would die after having lived in a living hell of a world populated by homicidal big corporations and freaky bug like creatures.

Then there would be a brief interlude of nothing but pure consciousness of the main character, who realizes he is dead and free from the world, and he can now live in the memories of his happier past before the Aliens and evil people of the galaxy.

This would get cut short when he found himself in a drab drawing room with uncomfortable furniture sitting across from an evil executive from an awful corporation and an Alien, who no longer is being genetically driven to kill in order to propagate it's DNA. In this after-life scenario the main character now finds he still hears the Alien as hissing, but now for some reason he understands what the Alien is saying. And it's not interesting, it's so boring and self-centered that it makes the main character wish he still had a plasma pistol so he could put himself out of this misery. And the executive, he can only talk about the bottom line, about corporate shin dings, about himself all the intergalactic coke he used to snort up in the executive bathroom and other inane things that the main character can not stand to listen to.
The main character than realizes that this might be more of a hell then being trapped on an alien populated planet, because at least there he might have a chance to escape. The novel would end with the main character trying to lose himself in thought, thinking about the existential freedom and happiness Sisyphus must have felt being condemned to push that rock up the hill forever rather than being stuck for eternity in this room.

I probably would have given that book four stars.
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Joshua Nomen-Mutatio If only Sartre and David Fincher had teamed up on Alien 3!

Greg There could still be hope. Maybe Brian Evenson will see this review, realize all the potential in it and write a screenplay for a new Alien movie.

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