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What Came Before He Shot Her by Elizabeth  George
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Horrible, horrible book. I cannot express how much I hated reading it. However, I hope for redemption in another? Please write a good book fast Elizabeth George!

So, with time comes healing. I would like to thank George for writing so eloquently on her website in defense of this book, and I would like to recant (but not delete) my previous review. This book was so entirely out of her regular style, and so brilliantly accomplished, and so incredibly bleak. In retrospect I am very glad that I read it, even though it was intensely painful for me. I am feeling faint stirrings of hope that her NEXT book will pull this one together with Careless in Red and maybe maybe maybe some of these characters will be granted some redemption?

So. Brilliant, brilliant departure from her usual fare. Deeply impressive. I have changed my rating from 1 star to 5. How often does that happen? 12/14/09

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Bethany After talking with you about this book the other day, I have decided to read it. It is with some reservation that I checked it out of the library. I have echos of "horrible, horrible book" in my head. I am thankful that I am so appropriately advised of what to expect. Thank you.

Joanna I probably should edit my review again. I've been thinking about this one a lot lately. It helps that there has now been another book in her usual style. Be sure to tell me what you think!

Cynthia I'm afraid to even start this book, though here it is in my hands. I'll give it a try before I launch into the next Lynley novel. The progression seems to be from bad to worse turns of events, but I'll hope for some redemption ...

Joanna I love this series. I read them as they came out, starting around when the third one was published. I read them multiple times as new titles were released. I was devestated by With No One as Witness. By the time this one came out, I was ready for some healing. THIS BOOK IS NOT HEALING. But it truly is brilliant, and you DO have Careless in Red to read right after, which is more or less what I had expected from this one. I am anxiously waiting to see what comes NEXT. Just to give you a sense of things, this book backtracks and tells the story of WNOaW from the other perspective. There is desperation, poverty, and misery. Careless in Red starts a bit before the end of WCBHSH and starts to move forward, and is almost all Lynley. Don't expect to see Lynley or anyone you know much in WCBHSH, they make one all-too-brief cameo appearance that I remember. Anyway, it is worth reading, even though I told everyone I know NOT to read it back when it first came out. You should do it, but you should have Careless in Red ready to go as soon as possible afterwards!

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