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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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Dec 09, 2009

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Read from March 23 to 24, 2010

So torn on this one ~ wish I could give it 3.5 stars. I loved the mythology and the creepiness of the faeries. Unfortunately, Marr spent so much time making her fae into believable creatures that her humans were actually very unrealistic to me.

I have a hard time seeing Aislinn as a 17 year old high school girl. The book opens with her shooting pool in a bar. She seemingly stays out till all hours and is accountable to no one ~ despite the fact that she complains her grandmother (who raises her) is strict. Really? What is strict about a 17yr old having to free reign to do whatever she wants? Furthermore, Aislinn is said to be an honor student ~ yet we never see her study or mention homework, tests ~ let alone carry around a bookbag. True, she has a lot going on right now. But this is a book about a high school student.... who claims to be interested in highschool and wants to go to college. So WTF? Is the reader to believe that due to the unnatural activities of the fae Aislinn's human world will stop holding her to any responsibilities or expectations?

The more Aislinn learns of the fae, the more she clings to her human life, which I just don't get because she seems so distanced from it. She is unconnected to her friends, school, grandmother ~ really, everyone other than Seth. I just wish that Aislinn were older, perhaps early 20's, working as a waitress or in retail ~ something that doesn't really require experience. I can see her debating or saving up for college, trying to figure out who she wants to be. That would have made her inattention to school, long days/hours/nights with Seth & infrequent face time with Gram a lot more believable.

The supporting characters in Wicked Lovely came to life for me but the people who mattered to Aislinn ~ Seth, Keenan, Grams ~ just fell flat. Even Aislinn herself wasn't much. Although I loved to see her assertiveness grow I hated that it withered when in Seth's presence. And Seth, who should have been exciting, wasn't. A guy who looks dangerous but is an avid reader, artist, music lover & herbal tea drinker should have had a much more exciting personality. But unfortunately he seemed to exist for the sole purpose of being Aislinn's comforter. Her very boring, always did and said the right thing, comforter.

This brings me to Keenan. We know the fae, the Summer Girls all love him... but Marr never lets us see why. She simply tells us they do. That's too bad. I just couldn't get past the fact that a 900yr old guy should have picked up a few tips on how to be a successfully romantic stalker. But he had no idea how to date, court, woo, whatever. He just looked at her and expected his warm gentle breeze and honey scent to sweep her off her feet. Geez... no wonder he hasn't found the right one yet. I hate to say it, but even Edward Cullen had better moves than this guy... and, well ~ we all know what Edward is like ;)

I don't know if I will continue with this series. Again ~ I loved the fae and the mythology that Marr created for this book. And I love the relationships and power struggles that have been set up. But are the characters really written well enough to carry this series forward? Hmmm... I may just end it all here so as not to be disappointed further.
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Tatiana Many of my friends love this series, I never warmed up to it.

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