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The Black Stallion by Walter Farley
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Dec 08, 2009

it was amazing
Read in December, 2009

The Black Stallion begins with a boy traveling home from India. He visited his uncle for two months during his summer vacations. When he boards the ship to take him to England a terrifying and wild horse is brought on deck. The men whip this animal and trick it to get on the boat. However, this ship is not equipped to carry animals so they have to make a makeshift stall. The boy, whose name is Alec, gradually befriends this wild stallion. The ship is wrecked during a terrible storm and Alec ties himself to the horse so as to be dragged through the ocean and not tossed away. They make it to an island where the boy and the horse have to find food and shelter. The horse, also called Black, does not easily trust Alec. So the days pass with Alec showing Black that he means no harm. All of this is exciting but one must ask do they make it off the island? Do they survive? Black is an amazingly, wild and free stallion. He runs as fast as the wind. Do you think in his early life he might have been a race horse?

This is a great book for both boys and girls. I remember going through the phase of loving horses. I still do. Horses are amazing creatures. I could see myself using this in student teaching. The book talks of far away places, events, and symbols. For instance, we read about India, Rio de Janeiro, New York City....suburbs, the statue of Liberty, ports and so on. Even though it is fiction it does bring in several far away places. The Black Stallion is from Arabia. Arabian horses are absolutely the best. One might ask students, if they were stranded on an island what would they do? Would you think to go with the horse? And a wild, untamed beast at that? It would broaden the student's knowledge of far away places. We could definitely include this in a social studies unit and use maps to map out Alec's travels.
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Tara I like how you told the story do you want to become friends.

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