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The Innocent by Posie Graeme-Evans
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Dec 07, 2009

it was amazing
Read in January, 2007

** spoiler alert ** This series of books is great! I agree with the posting that stated that this is not Phillipa Gregory, and while I love PG, I will strongly disagree that she is historically accuarate. She is not and has never claimed to be. If you read her notes at the back of TOBG, she states that she is more interested in telling a story with strong historical overtones, but never attempts to present her stories as truth. I have read a great number of books by PG and while I love them all (and am highly anticipating The White Queen), her books are in the fiction section for a reason. As a medieval history student, it is incrediby important to read as much source material from as many accredited authors as possible, authors who are either 2nd or 3rd hand accounts, or have had their work accepted in the academic community.
PGE's books, on the other hand, delve much deeper into the small details which made up King Edwards' court. It may seem trite to mention fabric, cut, colour and the like, but those elements were critical to an accurate telling, as these are crucial clues to the sumptuary laws and conditions of life back then. These little details then make a much richer backdrop for an already compelling story, one that would not be outside of the realm of possibility. No one knows if King Henry VI was insane or what he suffered from or even if he had a mistress or not; many otherwise pious men certainly did (Richard III had 3 that we know of, and he was famously Church-loving).
It is important not to judge these books by today's standards, because what we accept as moral and common now was certainly not the case back then. Friendships among the upper-class were for political advantage, and marriages were made for political and commercial gain; love almost never had anything to do with it. This is why extra-marital affairs were so common and bastards common-place. If anything, we should applaud Anne for holding out for as long as she did, and continuing to make her own life on her own terms, even when her own life was threatened.

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