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Final Fantasy and Philosophy by Jason P. Blahuta
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Dec 12, 2009

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Read in December, 2009

This series of philosophy books about popular culture seems quite fun in general. They seem reasonably light-hearted, with questions like, "Are Moogles part of a socialist conspiracy?" on the back. The essays themselves are reasonably serious, and surprisingly do cover a range of the games -- not just Final Fantasy VII, though I think that one was probably mentioned the most. Interestingly, they even include reference to the relative flop of a film, The Spirits Within (which is a film I nonetheless like). The essays mostly cover serious bits of philosophy explained using examples from Final Fantasy, or characters in the games -- Kefka Palazzo from FFVI, most notably -- explained in terms of philosophy. A couple of essays talk about how issues raised in the fictional worlds are applicable to our world.

The essays aren't bad, mostly informative and accurate, but there are a lot of stupid mistakes that could easily have been weeded out with proper proofreading. I haven't got page references for all of them, but I'm thinking of looking it up and sending a list of corrections that should be made, if it's ever reprinted... Such mistakes as "Advent's Children", rather than "Advent Children"; a mix-up between Cloud and Squall -- Cloud and Seifer have never met, to my knowledge, not even in the Kingdom Hearts world, so he can't be Seifer's nemesis; a typo which puts Cloud in Final Fantasy VI, on page 145; Terra Branford being described as "human-Elf", when I believe they mean "human-Esper", on page 149; a reference to "supreme Maester Kinoc" when I assume they mean Maester Mika on page 159; and the apparent invention of the word "factical" when I'm pretty sure the word "factual" would have done just as well, on page 178.

Not without its flaws, then, but interesting and worth a read if you want to think more deeply about the worlds of Final Fantasy.

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