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Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton
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05/30/2014 marked as: currently-reading
05/30/2014 page 47
11.0% "Future spoilers?: Wonder if/when Anita will enter into a relationship with Nathaniel. And if she'll ever let Jean-Claude bite her recreationally. Annd if she'll ever have sex with Jason. I'm a little worried that she'll go crazy getting with people later from things I've read. I like when her relationships are meaningful. Don't all have to be, but most would be nice."
05/31/2014 page 79
18.0% "The whole love triangle thing is getting kind of tedious... Anita calls Richard a 'boy scout' but he is far from perfect. I'm not big on dragged out jealousy issues either. Anita needs to be firm about her limits or go outside her comfort zone to make things work."
05/31/2014 page 102
24.0% "I always enjoy Anita's interactions with Asher. Wonder what's going to happen with Damian? And will Anita cheat on Jean-Claude with Richard? If only she would stop repressing and start compromising."
06/01/2014 page 147
35.0% "Wonder if Anita will ever end up seeing all of Asher's scars. I love them together but don't feel that they -need- to be sexually intimate. Why did Anita refer to herself as being single when washing the gunk off her back? (Also, a Top does not always equal a Dominant and vice versa...)"
06/02/2014 page 227
54.0% "Hope Anita figures out the munin thing. Raina's sexual torture memories won't help her open up to anything if this keeps up. I like the bond she and Jason have, even if Jason pushes it sometimes. Brat. I wonder if Anita will ever find a necromancy mentor? Denying her power could cost lives - I think she got a taste of that earlier."
06/04/2014 page 274
65.0% "The whole Frejya hunt put me off, it felt like a very contrived 'fuck (Richard) or die' scenario.

And then we have Richard saying Anita doesn't 'love him enough' to leave Jean-Claude. Anita wants to have her cake and eat it by keeping them both but not letting Richard do the same, but at least I understand that - she's jealous. That can be fixed.

Richard doesn't want to lose Anita and that's why he's -trying-."
06/04/2014 page 297
71.0% ""That was the real danger with not being monogamous. [...] It meant that the other person wasn't satisfied, that they were still looking. If you're still looking, sometimes you find it, whatever it is." WOW, what a poor, misguided look at non-monogamy. I can look past it as Anita's ignorance on the topic, but if that thinking continues I will be hugely disappointed. :/"
06/04/2014 page 332
79.0% "There are a lot of rape/sexual-harassment, slut-shaming and old-fashioned ideas of purity issues in this book."
06/05/2014 page 349
83.0% "I like Marianne's plan to acclimatize Anita to intimacy with the pack/pard. But will Anita give it a good chance?"
06/05/2014 page 353
84.0% "I knew what vanilla and BDSM terms meant years before I was Anita's age, and I grew up sheltered. The internet and a little thirst for knowledge are incredible things.

I just don't get how everyone in this book seems to think dominant=top and submissive=bottom. :| One can be a bottom but not be submissive, one can be a switch and be a dom or sub or neither - or either with different partners!"
06/05/2014 marked as: read

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