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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Aug 24, 10

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Please know before you start reading... that this review is SPOILER FREE.... no key plot points will be revealed.... but characters are discussed.

Mockingjay.... the final installment of The Hunger Games If you saw my non-review of The Hunger Games, you know that I wasn't on the bandwagon when The Hunger Games was first released. I wasn't even on the bandwagon when Catching Fire was released. I think the hype of the series really turned me off.... and I'm not sure exactly why. I've loved all the "big hype books" .... Harry Potter.... stood in line at midnight to get those pieces of gold. Twilight (don't judge).... although I read Twilight long before it reached the mania that it is today. And in doing so, I had to wait for every freaggin' book to come out... ugh. But I loved my hype books! What was my problem...?

With The Hunger Games, I just wanted interested at all. It didn't sound all that great to me... although Suzanne had another series, I'd never heard of it. What made this book to great. Then this past Christmas (2009) I picked up my copy of The Hunger Games (yes... I bought a copy, I even had a copy of Catching Fire too, I just hadn't read either of them) and I started to read. And the rest my dear readers was history! I read Catching Fire shortly after, although I didn't post a review for it. I enjoyed it just as much as I had the previous book.

I was one of those crazy people that was dying to read Mockingjay... and I was especially one of those people that was jealous of those lucky ducks that were getting a chance to read it early! Well, wouldn't you know it showed up on my doorstep Friday the 20th.... four days before the release date! Strict embargo stickers on the box and all. Too bad I was in Pennsylvania! But when I arrived home from my trip... I devoured it. And it has been haunting me since then.

This novel was so incredibly emotional. It physically drained me. It's been keeping me up at night. Oh what power the written word can possess. If I had to describe my overall feeling after reading the novel, it would be STUNNED.

This novel reveals Katniss in depths that I never knew she possessed.... disturbing depths that I didn't want to know that a person could possess. But Katniss isn't the only character that outwardly displays the stain of war... of fear... I'll add Gale and Peeta to that list.... and that's all I'll say about that.

Non-stop action. The poor girl. She never got a break. She just goes from being used by one person to another. Can she really trust anyone? I think she finally finds a few people that she can trust and those are the ones that are standing with her at the end. It's just disheartening that she had to endure so much pain to come to that conclusion. But with the pain and despair... there are glimpses of hope and joy... they were just far and few between. Don't expect this to be a light-hearted read with an ending wrapped in a big bow. Collin's didn't cheat her readers... or her characters. And I thank her and commend her for that.

Collins kept me guessing. I never saw what was coming... even when the foreshadowing was there. I refused to believe it, until it was impossible to do so. I was angry... I cried.... I mourned. I'm still mourning. It was incredible.

I honestly don't know what say... it moved me in a way that few novels have. I've watched these characters develop, I've grown to love them... and now it's ALL OVER! You kick ass Katniss.

This is a series that is worthy of all the hype it received.

And can I just say.....

I was and still am TEAM PEETA!
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Stray I. Can. Not. Wait.

Lostinlit The wait is KILLING ME. Tomorrow....tomorrow.

Mary Sounds like this should be really good!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Like, 10 hours and something minutes!!!

Alyssa Ahhh so jealous you've read it already!

Sara I can't stop crying! Good tears....emotionally exhausted tears. Can't believe the series is over and so perfectly done so, type tears. But wow.

Beth Your review is making me want to read faster!!!

Mary This review makes me want to read it even more...Is that even possible!?!?

Angela Morrison I think we're all mourning--for Katniss and maybe for ourselves. I fell asleep at midnight with 100 pages to go and dreamed about her and Peeta and Gale all night. You're review captured how I'm feeling. Thanks.

Tríona I couldnt stop crying with a mix of happiness and sadness!! I cant believe this series is over! Your review summed up my feelings completely! :)

Michael (Tattoogirl Reads) I wanted that "big bow" at the end but I'm so glad I didn't get it. It would have cheated the characters like you said.

Willow I was so crazy that I went to a midnight release party!!! Go Peeta!

Celina couldn't have said it better. it was a satisfying ending for me.

team Peeta all the way :D

message 14: by Zeytouna (new)

Zeytouna the best series i have ever read !Team Peeta!

Josiah I'm going to the movie of HG tomorrow.......


Nikki " Oh what power the written word can possess" Totally agree with this!
I just finish Mockingjay!!

message 17: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Woodruff I would agree that Katniss has a lot of issues, but it is because she has been betrayed a lot. Katniss has had to provide for family and do what she has to do to survive. She has survived the Hunger Games twice, and now she must be the leader of the rebellion. At the end of the book, her courage and hatred for the Capitol allows her to enter into the strike force to kill Snow. This quote sums up her reason, ""Anyway, it's not like an actual Games. Any number of people will survive. We're just overreacting because – well, you know why. You still want to go, don't you?"

"Of course. I want to destroy Snow as much as you do," he says.

"It won't be like the others," I say firmly, trying to convince myself as well. Then the real beauty of the situation dawns on me. "This time Snow will be a player, too." She is basically entering a third Hunger Games, but her courage and her eagerness to end Snow once and for all makes her want to do it one last time. I would also agree that Collins does keep the reader guessing, and you rarely guess right. I didn't think people like Finnick or the other Tributes would die protecting Katniss. This most definitely wears on her. This quote says it best "And here I am again. With people dying because of me. Friends, allies, complete strangers, losing their lives for the Mockingjay. "Let me go on alone. Lead them off. I'll transfer the Holo to Jackson. The rest of you can finish the mission." She is tired of people dying for her so she tells the others that she will do it herself, which I think, being as Stoic as she is, is the way she likes it. I think that Collins' building of the character of Katniss Everdeen, and the way that the plot developed were all great trademarks, that made the series great

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