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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Jan 14, 11

it was ok
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Read in November, 2009 — I own a copy

UPDATE 01/14/11: Loses more stars because I finally found a YA paranormal romance about angels that is, quite frankly, a bazillion times better then any other YA angel book out on the market. It's called Unearthly. You should read Unearthly. (You're welcome.)

Apparently Fallen Angels are the new Vampires, which is alright by me. I'm tired of vampires, especially the really lame sparkly ones that do little more then stalk, act like jerks and/or brood. I've noticed that there are more and more books on the market about fallen angels, and I've read a few (Fallen by Lauren Kate, Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith and I'm going to go ahead and count The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare even though it's technically about nephilim). This book and The Mortal instruments series actually make the whole angel thing somewhat interesting.

I might have given this book more stars--based on the the mild entertainment factor--if the love interest hadn't been named Patch (Patch? Patch??? Seriously? COME ON!). I hate that no one, throughout the duration of the book asks,"Is Patch really your name? REALLY???". Annoying name aside, I'd say this book is OK. Yeah, it's total paranormal garbage--my guilty pleasure--but I found it somewhat entertaining nonetheless.
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Tatiana I am quite surprised you gave this book 4 stars. Totally didn't expect it:)

Kat Kennedy Haha! Yes Patch is such a terrible name. Vee as a character makes me want to cry.

Penny I liked it for a lot of different reasons, none of which are really good reasons.

One reason is because Patch is a genuine bad boy. None of this 'I'm bad. So bad I have to keep telling you how bad I really am, so you'll wise up and stay away from me.' See, as far as I'm concerned, a bad boy wouldn't warn you about how bad they are. They'd draw you in with their badness, lull you into a false sense of security, and then totally screw you over! Or get close to doing so, only to change his mind at the last second because he's got a hard-on for the girl he's trying to swindle. Or, you know, whatever. It's not like I have some stupid girly fantasy about such a scenario. At least not totally(ish).

I find danger sexy. Not rapey type danger, and not the killing sort either. But dangerous guys always did it for me when I was single. Its ironic that I ended up falling in love with an accountant, but I digress.

And when it comes to Fallen Angels books, this is the best in YA fiction, so far (that I've read). Which isn't saying much, I realize.

There are other reasons I liked this book but honestly I can't remember why. Because the other day I started reading this book again and I realized I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a fork then read it again. I really hate the MC's friend--is that Vee? I can't remember. And yeah, the MC is really stupid.

Tatiana Thanks for the explanation:) Vee is the dumbest character I've ever encountered. Nora is not far from her either.

Tatiana Are you planning to read "Crescendo"?

message 6: by Penny (last edited Apr 21, 2010 05:38PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Penny I don't know. Maybe, if I ever figure out why the first book is called Hush, Hush and why the second is called Crescendo.

And it depends on when it comes out. Say it comes out during a time when I've got a bunch of other things I want to read.

Honestly? I'll probably read the next book just because I like this book (I know, I know. Mock me all you want, it won't stop me from liking this book).

Heather Haha, at last, someone else who liked this book that has some sense :).

I enjoyed Hush, Hush for Patch as well, and agree with you about Bad Boys. Bad boys don't need to tell you they are bad because their actions speak for them better than any words could.

I admit, I'm single and I find the bad one's sexy. They just seem so free. They act on impulse. And when their impulse is to have their way with you, all is well ;).

I'm at a loss about the Hush, Hush title as well. How the author came up with it is beyond me, but I like it. Would like it more if it somehow fit in with the book.

Nico I really liked it, but reading your review of that other fallen angel book (Torment which I don't want to read anymore) I'm a bit more critical of this one.

She's got the same thing for her hasn't she? That same stalker gene of Bella and Luce's? She is also prone to a lot more trouble than the average teen. Even though there are a lot of stretched bits of the story I like it too. Initially I read the summary three times, but passed it up because I thought the cover was terribly emo. xP Well, it was worth it.

Btw, (Patch is a dumb name, even for a supposed boxer)

Tatiana Glad to see you come back to your senses, Penny and see this book for what it is - utter crap:)

Kristi I can't believe you removed stars from this book just because you read a different one that you liked better.

Penny Kristi, it was good when I initially read it because I had hardly anything else to compare it to, at least not in the whole YA paranormal romance featuring angels department. I imagine you'll think less of this book when you read Unearthly, which, quite frankly, puts everything else in this entire genre to shame.

message 12: by Lucy (last edited Mar 02, 2011 03:51PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Patch is not really his name. I won't spoil in case you want to read the second book. Though I will tell you this because it made me cry: Two adults discuss Patch's name and say it is obviously a gang name... as someone who lives in NYC I want to let everyone know that "Patch" is not a gang name. Patch as a name makes me think of a rag-tag teddy bear in a children's story and his adventures with other used toys.

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica First off, This book has very little if not nothing in common with The Mortal Instruments, which I know practically by heart because it is my all time favorite series. The Hush,Hush series just happens to be my second favorite series. But SERIOUSLY how can you say it is only worth two stars BECAUSE THE CHARACTER'S NAME IS PATCH!!!!! You have got to be off your rocker lady because you've got it seriously wrong.

Charlie Droddy i know this was uploaded several years ago (obiously) but i just wanted to say that i think it called "HUSH HUSH" because Patch --and others-- are fallen angels and Nora has to keep it on the 'hush hush' I thought the same thing about Patch's name till I read the end "CRESENDO"

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