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Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull
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Dec 03, 2009

it was amazing
Read in December, 2009

For the record, I'm the publisher. Yes, I've read it. Sorry, I won't be giving anything away. Well, maybe a little something. Chapter 5 in book 5 is the most intense, the most gripping chapter of all the Fablehaven books. Jaw-dropping. I was not prepared for what Brandon Mull pulled out of his sleeve. I doubt anyone will see this coming.

Brandon takes us all over the world, several continents. It's a breathless race to find the remaining artifacts. The artifact vault in Austrailia is a wicked ride. The Society of the Evening Star seems unbeatable. The Sphinx's history is revealed!

My favorite characters are Seth and Vanessa. I wish I could tell you what Vanessa knows. The truth is some secrets really are worth keeping.

March 23, 2010. And if you're in Salt Lake City on March 23 you won't want to miss the release party. We'll announce all the details at and

Drink the Milk!
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Rachel That is sooooo cool that your the publisher. I love Brandon Mulls previous books in the series!! I just bought the 4th at the bookstore! I saw it and i had to get it!!

Christy Thanks for a great book teaser! Very excited to finish out the series in March.

Kimberly Excellent review.

Unfortunately now I'm even more impatient for this book to be released!

Meridyforgot Thank you very much for giving us the details that goodreads denies us. I'm excited again to read it! Is this book really coming out on March 23, or will it be "delayed"?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks! You are so lucky for being the publisher!I'm waiting for it as patiently as i can :)

message 6: by Sheralyn (new) - added it

Sheralyn I've been desperate for more Vanessa! Keeping her in the Quiet Box all this time is like locking Snape in Azkaban for half the Harry Potter books.

Can't wait!

Richard Higinbotham You are SO lucky to be the publisher!!

...My question is, what is exactly was so intense about chapter 5? It was a fighting scene, but that's all I could tell. Nothing really jaw-dropping happens. Of course it was good, because every part in the series is, but I just don't see what is so amazingly awe inspiring about it.

Was it a typo or something? Please reply!

Pebbles Foster one of my best friends dad knew that the demon was a bad guy all along and knew seth shouldn't trust him i had no idea that was going to happen but he knew

Rachel wow, how did he know?

Pebbles Foster i have no idea he just said that he knew seth should't trust him and listen to him and then he tures out to be a bad guy

Rachel wow

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Graulas kind of blindsided me, but I did predict that the cover depicted an astrid in human form. That shows just how random my mind is, I guess.

I agree with all of this, Chris! (Except the favorite characters--mine are Warren, Mara, the satyrs, and... well, I'll always love who I thought Gavin was, and I still liked him in some twisted way as Navarog. Anyway.) Obsidian Waste was fantastic. I cried when Seth was shot because I was so worried Brandon would kill him for some reason.

message 13: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary would you please consider releasing this book for nook

Lindsey I must disagree, Chris. Chapter 13 was by far the most intense, jaw-dropping chapter, although probably a lot of people smarter than me did see it coming.

Pie is awesome! Im in the middle of reading it. im on 109

Trish This series needs to become a movie! I would love to see the world of Fablehaven come to life on the big screen... Provided the movies sticks to the books for course.

message 17: by Clara (new)

Clara Gee totally! I am on the first chapter of the book and having fablehaven movies would be totally awesome!

message 18: by Mademe2527 (new) - added it

Mademe2527 Chris, I think it's SOOOOOOO cool that ur the publisher of this book! I luv it SOOOOOOO much. It's cool to see that ur Lon this app, too. Do u have any book recommendations, since I already read this series?

message 19: by Mademe2527 (new) - added it

Mademe2527 Sheralyn, I totally agree. Seeing more of Vanessa would have been cool, but keeping her locked up until the last book kept me on the edge of my seat.

message 20: by Mademe2527 (new) - added it

Mademe2527 Trish, Clara, I agree. I read the Percy Jackson books and watched the movies, and I HATED them!!!! If fablehaven had movies that related 2 the books, I would NEVER stop watching them!!!

message 21: by Suzanne Kuhl (new)

Suzanne Kuhl It is a very good book strongly recommend it

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