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On a Wicked Dawn by Stephanie Laurens
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Dec 02, 2009

really liked it
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Okay, whatever I’ve said about the foregoing Cynster installment…does not apply to this one. If I were (more) delusional (than I already am), I would think that Laurens read my review of On a Wild Night and took everything to heart…

…yes, I said if I were delusional…

But, really, this story of the other twin is infinitely better than that of Amanda’s—the kind of premise I believe should have been used before: ‘claim now, surrender later.’ At least the author was able to show that a ‘heroine’ need not be that most clichéd of personas: a tease. Amelia Cynster used her wits and level-headedness to claim Luc for her own, without dangling the man by strings (the way Amanda did to Martin).

Sure, the suspenseful element in this novel is pretty easy, as well, to solve. But I am just more relieved that, in the world of Cynsters, everything is back as it should be…

I mean, taken in its entirety, it's still not on par with the stories of the Cynster Men. I think more than enough readers, who can be lucid about it, can reluctantly admit that Laurens has shown a fumbling downslide after, say, Gabriel's story (A Secret Love). Chalk it up to a matter of 'being too good to last.'

(One, unfortunately, has to read the first of the Cynster twins’ stories to understand what I’m blathering on about. And if disappointment is indeed evoked by On a Wild Night, one can be reasonably appeased by On a Wicked Dawn.)

It’s called an opinion, mind =)
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message 1: by Brenda (last edited Oct 20, 2010 12:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brenda Ramirez Well like I said in On a wild night I don't think stephanie laurens was trying to affend no one she just has a diffrent view then everyone else .At least in my point of view I saw no harm.Yes, maybe there was things that might affend women but not all of the story was offending.So if people didn't like the book then they would of stop reading it and left it to be. But unfortunaly there's people that still like her writting. So what could they do right! At least I could say I enjoy reading her books.

maricar Sorry Brenda but unfortunately I haven't been able to find your review/comment on 'On a Wild Night,' but as you've said here, of course any author's perspective about a certain concept will almost always reflect in his/her work :)

If Laurens, in writing 'On a Wild Night', wanted to show her stance regarding female empowerment (or something along those lines) then I, as a reader, can do nothing but regard it as what it is - another person's opinion.

Don't get me wrong :) Strong female types are always welcome in fiction, but I guess what I'm saying with this review is that I felt that Laurens could probably have handled Amanda's 'strong' persona (and relationship towards Martin) a little bit better. I KNOW Laurens is more than capable of that (and kudos to you for defending her!)

If I sounded harsh on her in this review, that's just me frustrated because she was, for a time, a favorite author of mine, as well. I do hope though that some day I come across another novel by her that would be just as good as Bar Cynster installments *fingers crossed*!

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