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Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
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Jul 09, 10

bookshelves: contemporary
Read in May, 2009

I start this review by apologizing to Ms. Dahl for not reading her work sooner. If TALK ME DOWN is an indication of her writing skills and talent, I am really looking forward to reading the historicals.

The story of TALK ME DOWN centers on Molly Jenkins, who inherits her aunt’s house in her small hometown, Tumble Creek. Molly left Tumble Creek a long time ago and has made a life for herself in Denver as an erotic romance novelist. A profession she keeps secret from everyone around her. The inheritance comes at an opportune moment since she's experiencing a case of writer's block and trying to find a way to get away from her obsessed ex-boyfriend. Besides, going back to Tumble Creek entails she can try to rekindle the feelings between her and Ben Lawson, the town's chief of police and the man who she had her very first crush on. Molly's return to the small town of Tumble Creek causes a lot of turmoil especially with Ben, who hasn't forgotten the inappropriate feelings he had for his best friend's little sister. The spark between Molly and Ben lights up immediately and Molly's secretiveness about her profession creates a challenge for Ben but when a stalker threatens Molly’s life and scary things begin to happen, keeping Molly safe and alive becomes Ben’s main goal.

I loved the characters, their interactions and dialogues. Molly is feisty, outspoken and has a sassy personality. There are moments where her self-consciousness and childhood insecurities come to the surface but she always bounces back from it. She's a product of her upbringing. She always had to compete with her smart and perfect brother to get noticed or appreciated by her parents for the individual she is. But her attempts mostly backfired and she has accepted that she will never be what they want her to be. This makes it hard for her to open up and reveal her secrets and feelings, even to Ben. And Ben...well there's nothing I didn't like about him. A rough diamond. He is practical, reserved, rugged and serious in an utterly sexy way. The way he went about to find out Molly's profession was fun to read. His contradictory feelings whether to pursue a relationship with Molly were endearing and his protective side made my heart melt.

I discovered Victoria Dahl when her debut historical novel TO TEMPT A SCOTSMAN was mentioned on the old ROOB-message board as a release in August 2007. At the time I was like a drug-addict in my book-buying habits: always looking for the next fix and I bought it immediately. As I bought like crazy then, the book arrived and disappeared to the bookshelves, unread. The next historical novel by Dahl followed the same path. Then I found out she was writing contemporary novels too and decided to buy TALK ME DOWN, still without having read a single letter by her hand. It's becoming repetitive now but TALK ME DOWN also didn't make the TBR-pile and went straight to the bookshelves. Until a few weeks ago. I had been reading some intense paranormal books and wanted something lighter to vary because variety is the spice of life! My eye caught the cover of TALK ME DOWN, I remembered some funny comment Victoria Dahl had made on Twitter and that sealed the deal.

Reading chapter 1 I knew I had made the right choice and by chapter 3, I was totally hooked on Victoria Dahl's refreshing and down-to-earth writing. With a little childhood scandal, a bit of stalker mystery and a lot of hotness this was a book straight up my alley. It was fast-paced, filled with delicious humor and great characters that had a nice chemistry going. It read smoothly and the mix of humor, sex and a little suspense made it a novel that really stands out in my collection of contemporary reads. Lovely sweet moments alternated with laugh-out-loud fun and sensually scorching moments.

For me the way Victoria Dahl combined witty fun with sultry passion and just the right amount of suspense made it a contemporary romance as it should be: sharp and witty. The unexpected explicitness made it a sizzling hot treat I find hard to say no to. I can't wait to read the erotic story Molly wrote during this book and I am looking forward to the second Tumble Creek book: START ME UP. It can't get here soon enough because I'm ready and willing to go back to the small town of Tumble Creek any time!

So if you're looking for a fun read with plenty of red-hot sensuality and a pinch of suspense? Pick Victoria Dahl’s TALK ME DOWN! It would be my first choice from the bookshelves if I ever need a pick-me-up read.

A sudden metallic screech interrupted, terrifying her into a scream. She sprang up, flinging the vibrator across the room. (...)"Oh.My.God." She thought she'd electrocuted herself with a defective sex toy. Her heart was still trying its best to escape from her chest, jumping ship at the first sign of danger.

His hair was slightly damp and it clung to his nape. Molly bit back a groan, trying to fight the urge to walk over and run her tongue down the back of his neck. She'd never even kissed the man, but right now she wanted to eat him up, swallow him whole, ditch Lori and this bar and drag him home with her for mindless, sweaty, dirty sex. He looked young and hot and delicious.

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