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Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
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Dec 01, 2009

Song of Solomon
By: Toni Morrison
Review by:Chris Mendoza

Jumping out off the top of the Mercey’s Hospital or as other people may see it as “No Mercey Hospital” because there has not been a black patient treated at the hospital. Robert smith wearing two silk wings jumps off believing that he can fly and dies. I think that it was interesting in how the author Toni Morrison tells the reader how other people in the book don’t call Mercey’s Hospital by that name but in what they believe that it was “No Mercey’s Hospital” because they didn’t treat any people of Afican American Decent at the hospital. So by that you can tell that the book takes place in a time where there was much racism. After that incident the first African American was treated at the hospital and there name was Ruth Foster Dead. The day after she went in the hospital she gave gave to her son named Macon Dead II.

Macon dead at age for found out that only birds and airplanes can fly and he losses all interest in himself in becoming “peculiar”. Macon and his mother Ruth live in Dr. Fosters emourmus house. Ruth who trys to escape her husband she does things to pleasure herself by polishing a watermark on her dining room table and breast feeding her son who is old past infancy. Until one day the janitor named Freddie observers one of Ruth breast feeding sessions he gives her son the nickname of Milkman and then after that day that is what he gets called. Milkman starts resembling his father as a landlord who is only interested in wealth. Eventually Macon Jr’s father Macon Dead dies. Macon Jr and Pilate who were Macons children where scarred because they wittnessed the murder of their father. Pilate later than became a poor but yet a strong women carrying on and helping her family such as her daughter Reba and her grandaughter Hagar. In the other hand tho Milkman went off in becoming and presuing wealth. When Milkman reaches the age of thirty two he is tired of living with his family and went off somewhere else. Macon Jr tell Milkman the Pilate has millions of dollars and then Milkman wanted to steal it from Pilate. With the help of Milkmans friend Gutair Bains they go off and try to find a plan on how to steal the loot.

Well overall I thought that this book was kind of good at first because of how it started and how the author described the book and what was going on. Then later on in the book I started to lose interest because it was kind of hard to follow along all of the new characters that were coming in and finding their importance in the book. What also was confusing was the names because they all had uncommen names and it just made it even harder to follow. Overall the plot of the book was good and I would recommend this book to people who like to read some nice book.

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