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Broken by Megan Hart
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Aug 08, 2011

it was amazing
Read in December, 2009

Megan Hart writes erotic romance, but with so much seriousness and reverence...I hesitate to call it erotica. It can't be. Not the way she writes it. Sure, it's titillating, but it's so so much more.

I have never felt so much despair, rage, empathy, sadness, and longing for a fictional character before.

This is the story of a woman whose husband suffered an accident leaving him a paraplegic. Sure, his personal suffering is too much to even contemplate, but what happens to the wife? She must be strong, supportive, upbeat, financially responsible....all while never having the audacity to complain. To need human touch. To need comfort. To need to just be something other than constantly strong and responsible.

OH! So heartbreaking.

So, she starts these conversations that take place on the first Friday of every month on a park bench, in which she lives vicariously through the sexual escapades of Joe. Her bench mate. They never talk about anything other than his sexual conquests. Yet she knows she's being emotionally unfaithful, and she is unable to stop. She craves those stories. They are her lifeline to everything she is not supposed to need to want.

This passage from Sadie's visit to a massage therapist broke my heart (and it resonated with me, as some of the feelings of needing to always be strong, responsible and untouched were similar to my feelings when my husband was in Iraq for 15mos.):

"I let out a small groan when she hit a particularly tender spot on the underside of my wrist/ Her fingers pressed and kneaded and worked their way down toward my hand where she tugged each of my fingers. My hand in hers, my fingers closed and opened involuntarily as she massaged my palm and the back of my hand. She closed both hands over mine, holding it between them for a second of two before massaging between each of my fingers.

Emotion rushed into my throat with the force and bitterness of acid. When was the last time someone had held my hand this way, with such tenderness and care? when was the last time anyone had held my hand at all?"

I'm just astounded by the talent of this author. Far more realistic and resonant than anything I've read lately. I even love how she weaved characters from her previous novel "Dirty" into this one. She let us catch a glimpse into the lives of Dan and Elle without a corny epilogue. We see that Elle still struggles, still works out her problems, yet she's growing and flourishing.

Simply beautiful.
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message 1: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. April: I couldn't agree with your review more! I feel like I take an "emotional journey" every time I read one of Megan Hart's books, no matter how I feel about the characters in the end. "Broken" is one of my very favorite books by her, with the other being "Deeper" (that book blew me away and haunted me for days!). The woman just can't write a "non-interesting" book, that's for sure! Thanks for the great review! :)

Adrienne Fantastic review April.....Megan Hart is one of my favourite authors and this book has stayed with me long after I finished it. I love Megans ability to write characters who are vulnerable yet strong at the same time, her insight to human nature is (IMO)unique amongst authors, I've yet to find another writer who has the ability to pull me into the story to a point where I am completely absorbed in the story.

Juliana Philippa Great review! Haven't read any of her books, but am really intrigued and want to check them out now.

Mitzi Excellent review. Megan Hart has become one of my favorite authors too.

message 5: by AH (new)

AH Great review, April. I'll have to find this book.

Ridley Itty-bitty nitpick PSA:

"This is the story of a woman whose husband suffered an accident leaving him a paraplegic."

Para = 2. So a paraplegic has lost the use of two limbs (generally the legs.) Since Adam feels nothing from the shoulders down, he's actually a quadriplegic. Much more fun.

I loved this book, though I still don't like how she resolved Sadie and Adam. I think he deserved better. Such great characters, though. I continually think about them long after I've read the book.

Wicked Incognito Now Sorry Ridley! You're right. He's a quadriplegic.

Yeah, the ending was a bit too pat, huh? Too convenient.

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