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The Good Master by Kate Seredy
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This was a charming book, with lots of good lessons for kids on how to be a decent person. The day to day life of the farm was idyllic and peaceful - yes there's work involved, but it's a simple sort of work with real importance and value.

There are several times where value is placed on quality of life, working for love and building things that last rather than just being a part of the daily grind. Certainly worth recommending to someone with a work-life balance issue.

Throughout the book are lovely Hungarian folk tales. Since the tales were spread orally, there are probably numerous different versions of these stories. These particular versions are sweet and engaging, full of good morals and encouraging wise thoughts.

The main plot of this book itself is a typical ratbag-come-good story which I heard was somewhat autobiographical.

Generally, I think this book is the sort of thing you could read to or suggest for any intelligent child and they would enjoy it.

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