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The Brain Finds a Leg by Martin Ed Chatterton
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Nov 29, 2009

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Set in Australia, this first volume in a new series introduces Theophilus Brain, an odd mixture of Sherlock Holmes and Artemis Fowl with just a bit of Carl Hiaasen's humor and environmental themes thrown in. The Brain has a super intelligence rating because he he fell into a machine his parents, two Swiss scientists, were building. A rival scientist, hoped to abduct the machine, but in the process The Brain had his accident, and his parents ended up dead.

The book's narrator, Sheldon, takes on the role of Dr. Watson to The Brain's Holmes once the two meet in homeroom and become friends. Sheldon is dealing with some minor issues at home. His mother has found love in the form of the town's bumbling sheriff. Sheldon is not sure that he is ready for her to move on since his dad just died in a boating accident a few years earlier.

The Brain and Sheldon find themselves investigating the death of a local surfing star, whose body is found on the local beach ... with a leg missing. The police quickly target in on Sheldon's older brother after a second autopsy highlights some evidence that seems to have been planted.

The Brain had arrived at the beach and found two surprises: the surfers leg ... and a saltwater croc he names Mavis who seems to think she is a puppy. Mavis will prove to be a major clue to help The Brain and Sheldon get to the bottom of things.

This books is fun and humorous, but does require the reader to dispense with a firm grip on reality, particularly as it becomes clear that Mavis is not the only local animal acting odd. With that said, I do think that middle schoolers and older elementary kids will enjoy this one. It is not necessarily up to the standard of the Artemis Fowl series, but I can see some fan crossover.

My biggest complaint is the over-use of capitals when the author wanted to emphasize things.

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