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Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire
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Mar 03, 11

Recommended for: older/more mature teens and up, people who like heavy reads.
read count: one.

Sarah Clark is smarter and more mature than your average fourteen year old girl. At first she is an innocent bookworm but is on the fast track to growing up when she embarks on a new relationship with Daniel Carr - her thirty-eight year old English teacher, who is controlling and abusive. Their secret love affair is sad, desperate and obsessive - meeting in the locker rooms and secret places after school to fulfill their longing need for each other. Eventually faced with an ultimatum, his wife and kids or his relationship with Sarah, Daniel chooses to be a family man. After making his decision and leaving rather abruptly, Sarah feels devastated and heartbroken. She starts leading a reckless life of promiscuity to have the feeling of being wanted and felt. Sarah is now seeing sex as casual - too casual - with hundreds of partners, most who she barely knew at all.

Left to pick up the pieces is Jamie, her best friend. He is the only man in her life to never run in the opposite direction and always stick by her side, through thick and thin, no matter what. He is completely head over heels in love and would do anything in the world for her. For him, it would always be her. But there was that one relationship that Jamie could never live up to or come in between and that was Daniel Carr. One night, while trying to make her way through a crowded bar, she hears a familiar voice behind her. This was a voice that she hasn't heard in seven years, but one that she would never forget. She turned to see him standing there, looking at her. He was back in her life, just like that. Daniel had a hold of her but this time there was no letting go. She was sucked right back into it all - right where they left off.

It was a good book, but a few things did bother me and left me thinking “why?” The attraction Daniel had to Sarah when she was at the very young age of fourteen. He’s supposed to be a safe authority figure as a teacher and someone to be trusted. Instead, he was preying on a student with sexual urges that he eventually acted on. With an age gap of twenty-four years, I just don't understand what could turn you on about someone so young. How he felt for her, I wasn't exactly sure if he had a genuine love or if he just liked the upper hand and control that he possessed in the relationship. Obviously their relationship that they have isn't a healthy one, loving someone so much that it hurts pretty much becomes literal with them two. I just wanted to shake her and tell her take her damn blinders off. She pretty much gives up on everything that she worked so hard for, to stay in the house all day and have sex.
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