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Tempted by P.C. Cast
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Nov 28, 2009

it was ok
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When I first started reading the House of Night series, I held high hopes for it; it was funny and modern, and didn't take itself too seriously. Also, Zoey had yet to become the self obsessed, prattling nitwit she has become in Tempted, an unnecessarily dragged out filler for this series.

Alas, Zoey has become one of the most irritating characters in YA, and this series seems to be stuck in a rut. The narration has now split between characters, Stevie Rae taking on a much bigger role. (And I have to say, if it weren't for the strangely likeable country bumpkin that is Stevie Rae, I might not have been able to get through this way-too-long yarn.)
Seriously, I have never entertained more homicidal thoughts about a fictional character than I did while reading Zoey's thoughts about her unnecessarily complex and idiotic existence.
I mean, the majority of her problems are easily solvable if she actually LISTENED TO PEOPLE, and stopped dithering.
It's a shame really, since I actually used to kind of like her. This was before she started her harem of young and mostly empty headed hot guys who are, for some baffling reason, totally obsessed with our dull heroine.

This book left me with more questions than answers. It seemed to be a rehash of info we already had from the previous books; Kalona is evil, he and Neferet want to take over the world, Zoey is going to die in water (hopefully in the near future, though I doubt it), etc etc.
I think books in series should reward the reader with info at the end so that even if there are new questions, we still feel pretty satisfied and willing to read the next one.
What reaaally got me going however was the ending. Convenient or what? Zoe spends all of SIX BOOKS weeping and wailing about her guy troubles, and instead of growing some cojones and CHOOSING the author takes it out of her hands and lets Fate do a nice clean up job with her love life.
And the 'soul shattering' crap? Possibly the most melodramatic thing I've ever read. Honestly, it's getting ridiculous now. I'm not (however it looks) a picky reader at all, but I'm just fed up now.
And I have a sinking feeling that even though he murdered one of her lapdogs, she will STILL end up making out with Kalona in the next book. Because this is Zoey we're talking about, and she seems to have a dangerously low brain cell count. Sigh.

The only reason I'm buying the next one is for Stevie Rae. The thing with her and the bird dude is surprisingly compelling (BTW, is it just me or is anyone else creeped out by the fact he apparently has a beak? And feathers? Weird). I'm left wishing she would absorb some of my homicidal tendencies and bump off Zoey so we can have an interesting main character, finally.
And more on Aphrodite, please. She gets all the best lines, and I was disappointed she only got one chapter following her. I would read a whole book on the girl personally. =)

I also find it sad how characters I actually used to like have now either become depressingly one dimensional or just plain ignored.
What happened to Damien? The boy used to be hilarious. Now he's like a cardboard cut out who reels off word meanings occasionally and never believes anything Zoey says, even though that always leads to something bad happening.
Eric has also suffered, as it seems the authors just got bored with him and turned him into a total control freak jerk to save the trouble of actually explaining why he's like that. And Stark, who I was pretty fond of, instead of becoming a character who was independent and liked Zoey while retaining a personality, has now become Zoey's personal doormat and lives and breathes to protect her. Interesting.
And poor Heath. He's like a sad little puppy that's not quite all there, & loves it's owner regardless of the number of times it gets trampled on. But at least he was honest about being a lapdog to Zo, and didn't always do everything she wanted. I was starting to like him. So thanks again, dear authors.

So if you liked the others, by all means read Tempted. I just hope that the Casts get a great epiphany about this series and revamp it in a big way, or not even the lovable wiles of Stevie Rae will be enough to lure me back to this series. :)
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