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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler
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Apr 07, 10

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More foulmouthed hijinks by America's favorite White Trash Jewish American Princess!

Though, a fault thus far noticed: Chelsea's essay on her campaign for getting the Cabbage Patch Kid which will set her apart on the playground ends with a photograph of Young Miss Handler holding aforementioned Cabbage Patch Doll -a sort of trophy shot.

But, throughout the essay, she describes the Doll of her Dreams as being brunette. The one in the photograph is blonde. Which is it, Chelsea? Which. Is. It?

Also, Young Miss Handler complains to her parents that she wants a CPD with one dimple. Not two, and not undimpled as the undimpled variety look too much like "Chucky".

Timeline problem, you see: the CPD craze peaked in 1982/83 - Child's Play wasn't released until the late 1980s.

This Chronological Dyslexia has occurred in other essays by Handler - parents beware: this book is not to be used as a historical document, no matter the ruling of the Texas Schoolboard.
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Liz If you read the caption underneath the picture of a young Chelsea with the blonde doll you will see that it is her next door neighbors doll, not hers.

message 2: by Bakes (new)

Bakes ok, lame wannabe writer, EASY! While I love to point out inconsistencies in movies, so WHATEVER with this book. Sounds like you are auditioning for a writing job with the the Times...si?

gina~* Who cares dude....

message 4: by Chaniqua (new) - added it

Chaniqua I know this is very very late but I feel like it's worth mentioning that obviously the dialouge is adlibbed to be more comedic. Obviously, she didn't speak as well as a child as she does now so to think that the conversations would somehow be exact replicas of the actual dialouge between herself and her parents is laughable.

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