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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
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Nov 27, 2009

did not like it
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I don't think I could possibly articulate how much I despised this book. I read it simply to acquaint myself with the characters before reading Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters, and I sincerely regret doing so. I remember hating Pride & Prejudice too, but my hatred for P&P pales in comparison to the burning hatred I feel for this novel.

First of all, the language is fucking incomprehensible. Obviously this book is from another time and country, but I can't possibly imagine people talking to each other using this language. It's so flowery and obscures all meaning, and at times I would simply headdesk and curse Jane Austen for not just fucking saying what she meant to say.

Secondly, this book is pretty much about a bunch of pretentious twats sitting around and pretending to like each other. It's like a goddamn ye olde English version of high school. Nobody likes anybody in this book, yet they all sit around with each other night after night, trying to be polite and trying to impress people. Ms Jennings and Sir John were SO obnoxious, I just wanted to slap them.

Thirdly, I can't believe how materialistic people from this time were. I don't think I ever went a page without hearing how much money somebody had to their name, and it was kinda sickening. It doesn't seem like anybody has a legitimate occupation in this novel (beyond the servants), they just marry for money and then sitting around doing nothing for the rest of their lives. I just wanted to smack someone and tell them to get a job.

I hated Jane Eyre, I hated Pride & Prejudice, and now I too hate Sense & Sensibility. Beginning to detect a pattern here - maybe I'm made to automatically hate works of the Romantic Period written by British female authors. I loved Little Women, so I suspect that I'm not made to abhor all classics written by women, just the ones that happen to be of British origin.

If I didn't have such an obsession with finishing things once I start, and didn't intend to read Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters, I never would have read this. Or perhaps I would have tried, and then given up halfway through. God knows the past 1.5 days have been the most painful I've experienced so far in trying to read a book. If you like S&S good for you, but we probably shouldn't be friends. ;]
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Veronica Personally, I liked the book but I like your review you made a lot of good points. :)
I didn't think about it when I was reading but you are right, it does seem like nobody has a legitimate occupation. I also like how you called it a "ye olde English version of high school" because it really is.

Janelle Dazzlepants Veronica wrote: "Personally, I liked the book but I like your review you made a lot of good points. :)
I didn't think about it when I was reading but you are right, it does seem like nobody has a legitimate occupa..."

Thanks Veronica! It's nice when two people can have different points of view but still get along. I personally found the book really exhausting! I can't imagine having to actually live like that, putting on a front all the time.

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