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Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand by Samuel R. Delany
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Nov 26, 09

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Stars is probably Delany's clearest example of Science Fiction as political metaphor. In the far future galactic culture is split between two political factions, the Family and the Sygn. The Family holds that there is only one acceptable structure for social organizations and it must be imposed even on alien civilizations. The Sygn holds that there is a near infinite number of social structures that individuals and groups can embrace. How you feel about the novel may reflect how comfortable you are with the extremes of sexual diversity. The novel ends with a massive cliffhanger and the promise of a sequel that never appeared. I suspect the whole alien invasion cliffhanger was just Delany playing with genre expectations and he never seriously intended to write the second half of the diptych, but that is just speculation.

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